• A Message from Cincinnati Children’s President and CEO Michael Fisher

    There’s a phrase we live by at Cincinnati Children’s: “Our vision is to be the leader in improving child health.” 

    That vision statement has guided us for nearly two decades, but our understanding of what it really means to improve child health is evolving.  

    Today we recognize that it’s not just about providing the very best, most effective medical care available anywhere − although we’re absolutely committed to doing that.   

    Being the leader in improving child health also means doing our part to make sure Cincinnati is a healthy place for kids to grow up. 

    Increasingly we are asking ourselves: How can we work with our community do a better job of nurturing the growth and development of healthy children who will grow into healthy, productive adults? What positive role can Cincinnati Children’s play? How can we best partner with others to achieve shared goals? 

    Our answers take us to the intersection of medical and social issues. Building a healthy community requires a holistic approach, where health professionals, schools, civic and community organizations work together to address the many complex, interconnected factors that affect child health. 

    This report showcases some of the work we’re doing with partners across the community to make Cincinnati a place where children can grow and thrive. You’ll read about efforts in Avondale to make fresh produce available and to spark kids’ interest in preparing and eating healthy meals. About our collaboration with school nurses and the Cincinnati Health Department to improve care for children with asthma. About our commitment to reducing barriers that keep low-income kids from getting needed medical and dental care. And about our partnership with Hamilton County Head Start and Child Protective Services to nurture healing and healthy development in severely maltreated preschoolers

    Through these and many other activities, Cincinnati Children’s provided $547.9 million in community benefit services in fiscal 2013. 

    I want to thank the many partners who share our passion for improving child health. Working together, we are building a healthier community.  

    Michael Fisher
    President and CEO

  • Michael Fisher.

    Michael Fisher became president and CEO of Cincinnati Children’s in January 2010.

  • Growing Benefit

    • 2013 – $547. 9 million
    • 2012 – $527 million
    • 2011 – $503.5 million
    • 2010 – $377 million
    • 2009 – $394 million
    • 2008 – $284.2 million
    • 2007 – $170.5 million