• Cincinnati Children’s Brand Guidelines

    A brand is the face we present to our community to show who we are and what we promise to do. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center has developed branding that defines the personality of the medical center and how we are positioned in the field of healthcare. Our brand promise is, “bringing the world the joy of healthier kids.”

    We can each help bring this promise to life and establish our brand by using the tools below when creating communications materials for the medical center. Anyone creating print or electronic communications pieces for Cincinnati Children's is expected to follow these guidelines.

    We have created the guidelines to help you clearly and consistently portray the Cincinnati Children's brand in your communications about the medical center. We shape perceptions of our brand by communicating our brand clearly and consistently.

    Download Our Brand Guidelines and Brand Summary

    Logo Usage

    The visual identity for Cincinnati Children's is an integral part of the medical center's presence in the community and around the world. How we visually portray ourselves expresses who we are. When using our logo, follow our brand guidelines.

    Do not alter the Cincinnati Children's logo in any way:

    • Do not display the logo in any color other than Cincinnati Children's Blue or 100 percent black or white.
    • Do not frame the logo with any type of border.
    • Do not distort the logo by stretching it when resizing.
    • Do not combine the logo with other graphic elements.

    Download the Cincinnati Children's logo in .jpeg or .gif formats. These can be used on your website to link back to our website. Send us an email listing the URL from which you are linking to us.

    Contact Us

    If you have questions about the Cincinnati Children's brand, contact the Department of Marketing and Communications at 513-636-4420 or marketing@cchmc.org.