Dale "Bo" Clark Stapler Jr., MD

Resident, Pediatric Residency Training Program

Dale "Bo" Stapler, MD, chose to come to Cincinnati because of all the cities he was willing to go to, they had the best pediatrics residency program. Cincinnati has a great cost of living and the Midwestern people are very friendly and down-to-earth. These appealed to him and his young family.

The city is large enough to have a number of interesting things to do. He has enjoyed attending concerts, professional sporting events, going to a wide variety of restaurants, and going to many of the city’s parks.

At the same time, the city is divided into townships that allow for a smaller community feel. For instance, he and his family can walk to the Clifton town center go shopping, have dinner, see a movie and get ice cream afterwards without having to get in the car.

MD: Medical College of Georiga, Atlanta, GA, 2011.

Residency: University of Cincinnati Hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

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