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Nambirajan Sundaram

Postdoctoral Fellow

Phone: 513-636-4425


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Heart Development

Early Embryonic Development


Nambirajan Sundaram, Ph.D., completed a doctoral thesis on the role of tyrosine phosphatases in Cell proliferation. Later as postdoctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota, Dr. Sundaram studied the role of maternal tyrosine phosphatases in early development. Presently, Dr. Sundaram is working on maternal factors involved in cardiac specification during Xenopus development.

Education and Training

Ph.D.: Center for Cellular And Molecular Biology,Hyderabad, India.


Nambirajan S, Radha V, KamatLar S, Swarup G. PTPS2, a nuclear tyrosine phosphatase, is phosphorylated and excluded from condensed chromosomes during mitosis. Journal of Biosciences 2000;25:33-402.

Lee AW, Nambirajan S, Moffat JG. CSF-1 activates MAPK-dependent and p53-independent pathways to induce growth arrest of hormone-dependent human breast cancer cells. Oncogene 1999;18:7477-94.