Holly D. Barnard, PhD

Neuropsychologist, Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone 513-636-4100


Pediatric neuropsychology; autism spectrum disorders

Dr. Barnard completed her PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Denver, where she was awarded a National Research Service Awards (NRSA) from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to study gene-environment interactions in the manifestation of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She went on to complete her internship and APPCN fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center (UICMC), where she received broad-based training in both medical and developmental neuropsychology in children and pursued specialty training (site reliability in the administration and coding of the ADOS and ADI-R) in diagnostic assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).

Since being recruited to Cincinnati Children's, Dr. Barnard has co-founded the Developmental Neuropsychology Clinic (DNC), a doctoral-level practicum placement in pediatric neuropsychology, and currently supervises advanced doctoral students hailing from numerous programs around the Tristate area. Dr. Barnard and her team in the DNC evaluate patients who present with a wide variety of neurodevelopmental conditions, but Dr. Barnard continues to have a particular interest in ASDs and genetic/chromosomal disorders. Additionally, Dr. Barnard consults on numerous ongoing research projects, both through Cincinnati Children's and University of Cincinnati (UC), and serves as an active instructor in the doctoral program at UC.

BA: Neuroscience, Amherst College, Amherst, MA, 2001.

PhD: Clinical Psychology, University of Denver, Denver, CO, 2009.

Internship: Child Psychology, Institute for Juvenile Research; University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

Fellowship: Pediatric Neuropsychology, University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, IL.

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