Stephen E. Muething, MD

Vice President for Safety, James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence

Attending Physician, Division of Hospital Medicine

Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone 513-636-2068

Fax 513-803-9245


Serious safety events reduction; high reliability organization theory; evidence-based care; family centered rounds; decreasing delays in discharge; clinical microsystems

Dr. Muething is vice president for safety at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, a lead faculty in the Anderson Center for Healthcare Transformation, and an associate professor of pediatrics. He leads the strategic goal of eliminating all serious harm for patients and employees. His improvement work and research focuses on high reliability culture, situation awareness and managing by prediction.

Dr Muething is also the clinical director of the Children’s Hospital Solution for Patient Safety. This network of more than 75 children’s hospitals, is collaborating to eliminate serious harm for all pediatric patients across the United States. He serves on multiple national pediatric safety groups and is a frequent consultant for regional, national and international safety initiatives. He spent the first decade of his clinical career building a pediatric practice and inpatient unit in rural Indiana. He then focused on inpatient systems at Cincinnati Children’s as a leader of the Hospital Medicine program and was at the forefront of multiple transformations in care delivery including family-centered rounds, systematic adoption of evidence-based practice and inpatient microsystems. Dr Muething continues his clinical work serving as a safety officer of the day at Cincinnati Children’s.

MD: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 1984.

Residency: Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH 1984-1987.

Certification: Pediatrics.

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