Yuya Ogawa, PhD

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Phone: 513-803-1949

Fax: 513-803-1160


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In mammalian females, one of the two X-chromosomes is silenced to correct the imbalance of X-linked gene dosage between males (Xy) and females (XX). This chromosome-wide gene silencing is induced by a long noncoding RNA, Xist RNA.

Our laboratory is interested in the mechanisms of: (1) how the chromosome-wide silencing is induced by Xist RNA and (2) how the long-range silencing is maintained and organized. Our long-term goal is to understand how noncoding RNAs impact gene regulation and development in animals.

Education and Training

PhD: Biology, Osaka University, Japan, 1998.

MS: Molecular Biology, Nagoya University, Japan, 1994.

BS: Molecular Biology, Nagoya University, Japan, 1992.


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