Alberto Peña, MD

Founding Director, Peña Colorectal Center

Professor, UC Department of Surgery

Phone 513-636-3240

Fax 513-636-3248


Colorectal pediatric surgery; clinical research regarding colorectal problems in children

Alberto Peña, MD, is the founding director of the Colorectal Center at Cincinnati Children's and clinical professor of surgery at the University of Cincinnati. He received his medical degree at the Military Medical School in Mexico City in 1962.

Dr. Peña trained in general surgery and medical pediatrics at the Central Military Hospital, finishing in 1968. From 1969 until December 1971, he trained at Boston Children's Hospital.

Dr. Peña moved back to Mexico City as the surgeon-in-chief of the National Institute of Pediatrics from January 1972 until June 1985.

In 1982, Dr. Peña described a new approach for the management of anorectal malformations: posterior sagittal anoplasty / PSARP, also known as the Peña Pull-Through Procedure.

Dr. Peña joined the full-time staff at Schneider Children's Hospital in July 1985 and was the chief of Pediatric Surgery and professor of surgery at the Albert Einstein College of Surgeons until July 2005.

Since 1982 until the present, Dr. Peña has been traveling all over the world, lecturing and operating on children affected by this particular malformation.

In July 2005 Dr. Peña moved to Cincinnati Children's and became the director of the first colorectal center for children in the world. 

At the present time, Dr. Peña dedicates 80 percent of his time to the treatment of anorectal problems in children.

Seventy percent of the patients operated on by Dr. Peña at Cincinnati Children's come from other states and from all over the world.

Dr. Peña has published over 179 papers in national and international journals and has published 80 book chapters.

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