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    At Cincinnati Children's, you will experience a supportive, nurturing environment. Whether you are a new graduate, a nurse returning to the workforce, an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) or a nurse transitioning from adult care to pediatrics, we take special care to address your unique needs as you begin your career with us.

    But mostly, you will experience a positive energy that is inspired by the courage of our pediatric patients.

    What is your passion? Inpatient or outpatient care? Do you prefer to work at our main campus or one of our many outpatient locations? Are you interested in general medical care, working with transplant patients or caring for our smallest patients in the intensive care unit?

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    Blood and Marrow Transplant (A5N) - The BMT unit is a 24-bed unit that encompasses a highly complex, specialized, high acuity care environment. Our patients range from infancy to young adult that have an underlying oncologic, immunologic, marrow failure or metabolic disorder requiring a bone marrow transplant. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to holistically care for our patients and their families as well as a variety of other specialized services (nephrology, cardiology, infectious diseases). Nursing practice is essential in providing high quality of care to a vulnerable, immune-compromised patient population. BMT can offer you the opportunity to enhance your assessment skills, critical thinking skills, complex line management, infusion management (blood products, chemotherapy agents, monoclonal antibodies, antiviral agents, antifungal agents, and stem cell infusions), nutritional support, pain control and palliative care. The opportunities are endless. We are cutting edge with our new treatments and therapies that we are offering our patients. We are changing the outcome!

    High Acuity Hematology / Oncology (A5S & A5C) - The practice of Hematology / Oncology nursing encompasses the roles of direct care giver, educator and researcher. Nursing practice on our 24-bed unit along with a newly opened seven-bed unit that serves as an additional hematology / oncology unit is highly specialized, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach with short- and long-term care of patients from infancy through young adulthood with acute and chronic care needs. Nursing care is complex, highly skilled and individualized based on specialized services. Care consists of research endeavors, chemotherapeutic and blood product infusions, nutritional support, pain management and palliative care. We are a dynamic team consisting of HUCs, PCAs, Child Life specialists, social workers, dietitians, pharmacists, RNs, NPs and physicians dedicated to enhancing and improving patient care delivery and outcomes.

    Hematology / Oncology Clinic (A1C) - The Hematology / Oncology / BMT Clinic and Day Hospital-Short Stay Unit specialize in the ambulatory care of children with cancer, sickle cell disease, hemophilia and other disorders of the hematological system, and children who have undergone bone marrow transplants.

    Heart Institute / Cardiac Intensive Care (B6HI) - This 25-bed unit serves critically ill newborns, children and adolescents with congenital or acquired heart disease, cardiothoracic surgery patients and heart transplant patients. A variety of complex therapeutic modalities are utilized in the CICU, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and ventricular assist devices, with an interdisciplinary focus on partnering with families to improve outcomes.

    Newborn Intensive Care Unit (B4) - Acute and critically ill infants are admitted to this 59-bed, Level IV neonatal intensive care unit. A highly skilled, interdisciplinary team approach is used to care for critically ill infants who require intensive care services, surgical intervention and diagnostic or therapeutic studies. Some of the highly specialized services provided for critically ill infants include extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO),nitrous oxide therapy and alternative ventilator interventions. Neonatal Resuscitation Program certification is provided.

    Pediatric Intensive Care (B5CC) - This 35-bed highly skilled unit serves a wide variety of critically ill and injured patients, from infants to teenagers. Critical care services are provided for medical and surgical patients in many specialty areas, including transplant, hematology / oncology, gastrointestinal, genital-urinary, pulmonary, neurosurgical, trauma and ENT. A variety of complex therapeutic modalities are utilized in the PICU, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) with an interdisciplinary focus on partnering with families to improve outcomes. 

    Surgical Unit (A3N) - A3N is a fast-paced surgical unit with a 24-bed capacity providing care to infants, children, adolescents, and adults in the pre-operative and post-operative levels of care. A3N receives 60% of in-house PACU transfers. A3N receives patients from the following areas: PACU, Emergency Department, Direct Admissions, and the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Average length of stay for patients is 4.5 days. Types of patients most frequently served include: Orthopaedic, Genitourinary, General Surgery, ENT, Aero-Digestive, Dental, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Medical Overflow. Nursing care delivery is focused on the pre and post-operative patient and family through education and planning for discharge, providing pain management, ensuring airway maintenance, and preventing post-operative complications. Key highlights of this unit include: Ability to work with a large number of international patients, a variety of long-term as well as short-stay patients, variety of age groups of patients, working with a wide variety of surgical specialties, spinal fusion patients, halo-femoral and halo-wheelchair traction patients, bladder reconstruction patients, trach patients, patients with chest tubes, and PICC/Port/Central Line/IV therapy.

    Transitional Care Center (A3S) - This 18-bed unit provides care for medically fragile children from infancy to young adulthood and their families. The Transitional Care section of the unit serves children with a wide variety of pulmonary / chronic medical conditions that require ventilator or other assistive support. A major focus of the TCC is to be a patient / family advocate and member of the interdisciplinary team that provides services for improved function and education for families to care for children returning to home and the community.

    Pediatric Rehabilitation (A4C1) - The Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit provides care for children, adolescents and young adults. We are dedicated to meeting the comprehensive needs of patients with a variety of impairments (spinal cord injury, brain injury, orthopaedic injuries), with activity limitations (activity of daily living, ambulation, cognition) and participation restrictions (school, socialization). By close collaboration with the patient / family, we strive to maximize function to the highest possible level and return the patient and family to home and the community. Nurses also work closely with an interdisciplinary team to provide therapeutic, educational and training services consistent with the individual needs of the patients and families.

    Transplant Surgery (A4N) - A4N is a 24-bed inpatient unit serves surgical patients from infancy to adulthood with an emphasis on kidney, liver, small bowel and multivisceral transplantation/donation; trauma; bariatric surgery and other complex pediatric surgery. Special services include percutaneous liver and kidney biopsies and infusion therapy. The multidisciplinary team on A4N is transforming care at the bedside through family-centered care, shared governance and the use of improvement science.

    Gastroenterology / Colorectal Surgery (A4S) - This 24-bed unit specializes in the care of gastroenterology and colorectal surgery patients of all ages. Some of the common diagnoses include anorectal malformations, Crohn's disease, pancreatitis, eosinophilia and intestinal failure, some of which require surgical intervention and multiple gastrointestinal disease processes. These patients have complex care requirements that include CVC line care, pre-operative and post-operative care, ostomy care and skin care. Registered nurses, patient care assistants, health unit coordinators and other disciplines function as a team to care for this patient population through family-centered care.

    Pulmonary / Adolescent Medicine (A6N) - This 24-bed unit specializes in the nursing care of adolescents and young adults with medical and surgical conditions. Services include general surgery, orthopaedics, urology, general pediatrics, pulmonary, allergy, gastroenterology and adolescent medicine. With this wide variety of diagnoses, the nursing care required is highly skilled and individualized according to the teen’s unique growth and development needs.

    Infant / Child School-Age Acute Medical Unit (A6S) - A6S is a 12-bed inpatient unit, with the potential to expand to an overflow unit to gain additional beds. The nurses provide direct patient care to patients from all age groups, with acute and chronic medical conditions. Some of the diagnoses include common childhood conditions such as pneumonia, meningitis and gastroenteritis, additionally with complex medical care needs.

    Heart Institute Cardiac Step-down / Ortho / Urology (A6C) - This 17-bed intermediate care unit serves newborns through adults with cardiac diseases, patients requiring cardiac telemetry and patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Children who have undergone orthopaedic or urologic surgery are also cared for on this unit.

    Neuroscience (A7N/S) - A7NS is a 41-bed inpatient unit that serves patients of all ages and specializes in the care of patients with neurological and neurosurgical conditions. The unit also serves patients with various traumatic injuries. Diagnoses treated include seizures, hydrocephalus, shunt malfunctions, spina bifida, brain tumors, tethered cord and some general medical conditions like asthma and bronchiolitis. The unit includes an epilepsy monitoring unit which provides video EEG monitoring to diagnose epilepsy and to determine the best medical or surgical treatment available to patients with epilepsy. Patients have complex care requirements that include in-depth neurological assessments, CVC line care, externalized ventricular drains, various intravenous infusions, pre-operative and post-operative care. Nurses on this 24-bed inpatient unit provide direct patient care to patients from birth to age 11 with acute and chronic medical conditions. Some of the diagnoses include common childhood conditions such as pneumonia, meningitis and gastroenteritis.

    Clinical Research Center / Diabetes Center (A7C2) - This department is a 12-bed inpatient facility with a 12-exam-room outpatient area as well. Clinical research studies for pediatric and adult patients are conducted. The Cincinnati Children's Diabetes Center specializes in type 1 and type 2 diabetes care (both inpatient and outpatient) for pediatric and adolescent patients and diabetes education (including conducting assessments with nurse practitioners, dietitians, social workers and nurse educators and based on referral with psychologists). We specialize in various tests and infusions as well in our outpatient setting. We provide endocrine care and education, pediatric medical and surgical inpatient care, diagnostic testing services and sleep center services.

    Complex Airway Unit (B5CA) - The Complex Airway unit is an 11-bed inpatient unit offering interdisciplinary, family-centered care for infants to young adults. The patient population includes those who have undergone laryngotracheal reconstruction for congenital or acquired airway stenosis or other airway anomalies or injuries. Many of the patients on this unit are high acuity and often have tracheotomies or stents.

    Liberty Inpatient Unit (LA1W) - LA1W is a 12-bed medical surgical unit located at the Liberty Campus. Children of all ages are cared for after a surgical procedure or due to a medical concerns. The nursing care is similar to the care on the medical unit or surgical unit that Base will provide. In addition to inpatient medical surgical patients, this unit provides care to infusion patients on a routine daily basis. This care consists of a 4-8 hour infusion treatment for patients. Then discharged to home. 7 nights a week this unit also sees patients for overnight sleep study visits. This unit will be expanding to a 42 bed unit the summer of 2015.

    The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s offers a wide range of pediatric and adolescent mental and behavioral health services.

    Our inpatient program is split between three locations: College Hill Campus, Burnet Avenue Campus and the Lindner Center of HOPE. We focus on stabilizing and caring for children and adolescents in acute crisis situations. Average length of an inpatient stay is three to five days.

    Our residential treatment program features 30 beds at the College Hill Campus. This program serves children and adolescents ages 9-18, who suffer from chronic mental health problems. Average length of stay is between 90 and 120 days.

    Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a day program that helps children and adolescents better manage school anxiety, difficult emotions, problematic behavior and mental illness. PHP is available at our Green Township and Linder Center of HOPE locations. Average length of admission is five to seven days

    Outpatient services are available at four locations: College Hill Campus, Burnet Avenue Campus, Liberty Campus and Green Township.

    Burnet Campus has one of the busiest pediatric emergency departments in the country. This 44-bed ED averages 180 to 250 patient visits daily. This is an academic campus and provides the wide variety of learning opportunities associated with an academic environment. Children of all ages and severity of illness and injury are cared for including complex trauma patients as the areas only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center. 

    Liberty Campus offers a pediatric ED in a neighborhood center. This 18-bed ED has been open since summer 2008, and has an average of 90-110 patients visits daily. This is a community hospital model campus that provides opportunities to care for children with emergencies closer to their homes. Children of all ages and severity of illness and injury are seen at this campus, with transfers to Burnet when necessary for specialized care. 

    Urgent Care for children in five Cincinnati neighborhoods − Anderson, Avondale, Green Township, Liberty Township  and Mason. Urgent care is available for children of all ages during evening and weekend hours when pediatrician offices may not be open. The urgent care environment often feels like a cross between a pediatrician’s office and the emergency room. Nurses maintain PALS certification and often work at more than one site or work part-time hours. 

    The Specialty Resource Unit (SRU) at Cincinnati Children's is made up of four teams of nurses. The nurses work in many areas, including surgical short stay, rehabilitation, oncology, neurosurgery and neurology, transplant, NICU, PICU and CICU. New graduates are welcome. There are pay incentives based on clinical competence and scheduling flexibility.

    SRU Days Team following completion of orientation, nurses working with the SRU Days Team have a regular schedule but do not know the location of their work assignment until the start of their shift. Positions on the Days Team are very challenging and require a desire to excel. Our Days Team nurses also have the opportunity to work as a member of the hospital's Level I Trauma Team.

    SRU Months Team Nurses working on the SRU Months Team are assigned to clinical areas in advance for a six-week schedule. Generally nurses working on the Months Team have more stability and consistency than the nurses on our Days and Weeks teams. The Months Team also provides an opportunity to work in several clinical areas.

    SRU Radiology Transport Team The Radiology Transport Team provides nurse transport off of the unit so that the primary nurse caring for patients can remain on the unit with the remaining patients. Nurses in this team are skilled in all inpatient areas and have critical care backgrounds to respond in any type of emergency. They remain with patients while they are off of the floor.

    SRU Trauma Core Team The Trauma Core Team responds to all trauma, med-evaluations and ortho-evaluations in the Trauma Bay and works collaboratively with the Emergency Department Trauma Team. They follow trauma patients from entry into the hospital through the inpatient units for teaching and discharge preparation. They are highly trained in all inpatient and emergency levels of care.

    Home Health Agency - Nurses provide a complete range of specialized infusion therapy, skilled services, and coordination of care for infants, children and adolescents who are referred by Cincinnati Children’s divisions and community pediatric providers. Hematology/oncology, blood and marrow transplant, liver transplant, gastroenterology pulmonary, and medical-surgical disorders are common diagnostic groups served. Nurses engage the patient and family in self-management education to ensure a successful transition from hospital to home. The Home Health Agency also has a RSV / Synagis Team in which nurses administer monthly Synagis injections throughout the RSV season, which typically runs from November to March.

    Liaison Resource Team - When a patient is referred to Home Care at Cincinnati Children's, a nurse from our Liaison Resource Team will meet with the caregiver and patient to help in the transition of care from the hospital to the patient's home. The nurses on this team assist in discharge planning and coordination of home care services. The nurses also provide education and training to the caregiver and patient on a variety of infusion related therapies.

    Private Duty Nursing - Nurses provide home care services to the medically fragile pediatric population. This chronic care population includes patients with tracheotomies, mechanical ventilation and enteral or parenteral infusion.

    StarShine Hospice - Nurses are part of an interdisciplinary team of physician, social worker, chaplain, Child Life and bereavement specialists that serve the medical, psychological, and spiritual care needs of the child and family. The team collaborates with the family to embrace the dignity of every remaining day of the child's life. Nursing care focuses on pain management, comfort and coordination of services.

    Dialysis Unit - Nurses provide acute and chronic hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis services to patients of all ages, from newborns to 21-year-olds. They also provide education to patients and families managing peritoneal dialysis at home and monitor patient / family adaptation to home care. 

    Ambulatory Services provides healthcare needs for pediatric patients of all ages. Care is provided in clinical settings at the base hospital and at 8 locations in the community. The ambulatory clinical settings serves patient populations with various medical and surgical diagnoses as well as providing well child care in our primary care clinics. Patients cared for have a wide variety of cognitive and developmental levels, ranging from normal to severely delay. Care delivery includes well child, acute, episodic and chronic conditions, with support continuing beyond the care provided in clinic, utilizing care management, care coordination and phone triage.

    Aerodigestive and Sleep - Evaluates and treats chronically ill children with complex airway, pulmonary, upper digestive tract, and feeding disorders. Nursing collaborates with  faculty from four Cincinnati Children's divisions: Otolaryngology, Pediatric Surgery, Pulmonary Medicine, and the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team, to provide coordination and care for patients seen in our multidisciplinary clinics.

    Allergy - Evaluates and treats children with allergic disorders including asthma, chronic rhinitis, food allergy, latex allergy, and drug allergies. Nursing works closely with Allergy physicians to provide coordination and  clinic support for these conditions including food challenge testing, skin testing, immunotherapy, and asthma care.

    Bariatric Surgery


    Complex Care Center


    Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics - DDBP serves children with developmental disabilities through diagnostic evaluation, and follow-up care and treatment when indicated. Nurses support this patient population through hands on clinical care, phone management and care coordination.

    Endocrinology – Endocrine and Diabetes outpatient visits occur at the base hospital and five satellite locations.  Endocrine visits include stimulation testing for the identification of endocrinology disorders and determination of appropriate therapies, and education for home management.  The Diabetes Center provides outpatient diabetes care, clinical research and diabetes education. The Center’s mission is to deliver efficient, coordinated diabetes care across the continuum, from newly diagnosed patients to those with established disease, in order to optimize self-care management.  Endocrine and Diabetes serve patients ranging in age from newborn to young adult.  The Diabetes Center is an American Diabetes Association accredited Education program also offering community/family diabetes education programs and training for over 500 school nurse and personnel throughout the Tri-state.


    Family Care

    Feeding Team


    Genetics - Provides comprehensive clinical management and diagnostic services to patients and families affected with inherited disorders, birth defects, chromosome disorders, inborn errors of metabolism, lysosomal storage disease, and intellectual disability. Nurses support this patient population through hands on clinical care, phone management and care coordination.



    Infant High Risk

    Infectious Disease

    International Adoption



    Neuro-Muscular Clinic

    Neurology - Neurology provides a variety of neurological services to patients at Cincinnati Children's. Specialty programs include: Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Headache Center, Movement Disorder Clinic, Neuromuscular/Muscular Dystrophy Clinic, Neuropsychological Evaluation, Tuberous Sclerosis Clinic, Tourettes Clinic, Retts Clinic and General Neurology.

    Neurosurgery - provides a variety of neurosurgical services to patients at Cincinnati Children's. Neurosurgical programs include: Epilepsy Surgery, Shunts, Vagal Nerve Stimulators, Cranio-  Facial surgery, Surgical Fusions, Brain Tumors, Cerebral  By-Passes, and Spina Bifada Surgery.



    Pain Management

    Pediatric Primary Care

    Pediatric Rehabilitation - Provides assessment, consultation, and a continuum of care for children and young adults in areas of rehabilitation and physical medicine. The Rehabilitation Team develops individualized treatment programs aimed at maximizing overall function. Nurses support this patient population through hands on clinical care, phone management and care coordination.

    Plastic Surgery

    Pulmonary- Evaluation, diagnostic testing, treatment and management of children with pediatric pulmonary diseases. Nursing collaborates with physicians in a number of sub-specialty programs to provide coordination and  clinical care in both Pulmonary and multidisciplinary clinics. Sub-specialty programs include, pulmonary sleep medicine, Cystic Fibrosis, neuromuscular disorders, the Asthma Center, Pulmonary Bronchoscopy, Pulmonary Hypertension, and  Lung Transplantation.

    Rheumatology - Rheumatology sees children with the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of children with rheumatic diseases, including but not limited to rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, reactive arthritis and related connective tissue diseases. Nurses support this patient population through hands on clinical care, phone management and care coordination.

    Sleep Disorders



    Vascular Malformation

    Colorectal Surgery

    Heart Institute Cardiac Cath Lab - Two hybrid cardiac cath labs providing approx. 1000 diagnostic and interventional cardiac cath procedures as well as full service electrophysiology. Patient population ranges from neonate to adult patients with congenital and disease specific heart disease. Specialized registered nurses and Xray techs provide nationally recognized cutting edge cardiac care.

    Heart Institute  Cardiology Admission & Recovery Unit - Seven bed outpatient unit where nurses admit, provide peri-anesthesia nursing care and discharge outpatient cardiac cath patients. Nurses in this area also support cardiac MRI patient undergoing general anesthesia.

    Anesthesia Imaging - Anesthesia Imaging RNs care for inpatients and outpatients undergoing imaging and procedural studies that require sedation.  The patient population may encompass a broad spectrum of healthy children as well as acute, chronic and critically ill pediatric patients of all ages.  In order to be successful in this area, nurses must demonstrate excellent critical thinking skills, assessment and airway management skills.  Anesthesia Imaging RNs work within a multidisciplinary team to establish positive patient outcomes.

    Burnet Campus - Operating Room / Same Day Surgery / Post Anesthesia Care Unit - Nurses in these areas provide care for pediatric and adult patients. Areas of care include elective, urgent and trauma surgical / invasive procedures for inpatients and outpatients. Services include initial patient assessment and preparation for surgery, operative intervention, postoperative care and patient / family education. Approximately 100 operative procedures are performed daily. Specialty areas include cardiothoracic, dental, gastrointestinal, general surgery, hematology / oncology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, organ transplantation, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, plastics, podiatry, pulmonary, urology, fetal and colon / rectal.

    Liberty Campus - Operating Room / Same Day Surgery / Post Anesthesia Care Unit - Nurses in these areas provide care for pediatric patients from 2 months old through adults. Areas of care include elective and urgent surgical / invasive procedures for outpatients and also for those that -require a 23-hour stay or up to 5 day stay in our Liberty Inpatient Unit.  Services include initial patient assessment and preparation for surgery, operative intervention, postoperative care and patient / family education. Specialty areas include dental, gastrointestinal, general surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, plastics, podiatry,  and urology.

    Vascular Access Team - The vascular access team is nationally renowned for its multidisciplinary approach that combines the skills of nurses, doctors and technicians.   Our nursing team consists of three subgroups:  Central venous catheter (CVC) nurses,      Peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) nurses and     Peripheral intravenous (PIV) nurses .  All vascular access nurses are cross-trained in various roles so they can assist with the work of all teams.  Our goal is to provide optimal, evidence-based vascular access care for our patients.  Interventional radiologists provide support to the vascular access nurses in procedures such as placement of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) using a guide wire and verification of PICC tip locations.

    Transport Team - Nurses on the Transport Team are responsible for the safe transportation of acutely ill neonatal and pediatric patients to and from Cincinnati Children’s via ambulance or fixed-wing aircraft. They provide critical care intervention and stabilization in the mobile transport environment. Training spans newborn, intensive care, emergency medicine, trauma, transport medicine and flight physiology. Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation Program certification is preferred at hire. (Certification is provided by the department and required within six months of hire.) Trauma Nurse Core Course Certification is required.

  • Family-Centered Care

    Establishing a partnership with a child's family – the patient's primary source of strength and support – allows us to more comprehensively meet the needs of the child. 

    Learn more about family-centered care at Cincinnati Children's.