• Diversity and Inclusion

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center affirms, through deliberate execution, diversity and inclusion as important organizational values. Cincinnati Children's values and regards diversity as an organizational asset, utilizing the strengths and benefits it brings to patients, families, visitors, employees, volunteers, our community and suppliers, to maximize our ability to achieve Cincinnati Children's mission.

  • Cincinnati Children's defines diversity and inclusion as any aspect that differentiates groups and people from one another. Aspects of personal and cultural backgrounds that make us diverse and multicultural include:

    • Race
    • Color and ethnicity
    • Nationality and national origin
    • Ancestry
    • Gender and gender identity/expression
    • Age
    • Religion and creed
    • Physical and mental abilities
    • Sexual orientation
    • Socio-economic status
    • Political affiliation
    • Veteran and active armed service status
    • Job level
    • Job responsibilities and experience
    • Education and training

    Managing diversity is the set of actions that Cincinnati Children's takes to establish and support a culture in which personal and cultural backgrounds are leveraged effectively, allowing Cincinnati Children's to:

    • Attract and retain a diverse workforce of employees who bring a wide range of skills, knowledge, abilities, insights and experiences
    • Build organizational and individual capabilities to respect and manage similarities and differences
    • Provide culturally competent care
    • Enhance our brand image and relationships with a variety of diverse audiences in the communities that we serve

    Business Imperatives for Managing Diversity

    • Strengthen our position and reputation as a health care provider and research center for children around the world
    • Attract and retain the best employees
    • Enhance patient / customer service and retain and gain a market advantage
    • Increase creativity, quality, teamwork and innovation
    • Reduce cost associated with discrimination, harassment and ignoring diversity issues
    • Train / teach the next generation of health care providers

    The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center encourages employees to participate in its events and activities, many of which are listed here.

    Diversity Orientation (Phase I)
    Phase I Diversity Training provides an opportunity to get an overview of essential diversity concepts. This course affirms that diversity and multiculturalism are important organizational values. The training provides a general overview of many concepts, yet encourages an understanding of the inclusiveness of all employees. This course is required for all employees and is web-based.

    Diversity, Making It Work
    Diversity, Making It Work Training builds on the common language and understanding established in Diversity Orientation (Phase I). It provides an opportunity to look at various topics in more depth.

    Activities and concepts introduced in Diversity Orientation (Phase I) and new ideas are examined as they impact relationships inside and beyond Cincinnati Children's. Participants are challenged to think about how diversity impacts their lives and the lives of others. The training uses small group activities, discussions, videos, and other learning tools.

    Manager's Diversity Training (Full Day)
    Manager's Diversity Training is required for all managers and its goal is to help managers build competence and skills for today's healthcare environment. The session objectives are:

    • Assess the impact of diversity at Cincinnati Children's
    • Identify how to manage diverse teams 
    • Learn a technique to solve diversity conflicts
    • Create an action plan for managing diversity

    Lunch and Learn
    Monthly Lunch and Learn seminars are an opportunity for Cincinnati Children's employees to gather for an hour to learn and discuss various diversity topics. Each month, we explore a new topic through presentations, dialog / discussion, activities, panels, etc. Questions are always welcomed and encouraged.

    Cincinnati Children's Earns Minority Business Supplier Award
    Cincinnati Children's received a Cincinnati USA Supplier Diversity Circle of Excellence Award for proactively pursuing the growth and development of minority businesses.

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is committed to fostering the development and advancement of businesses owned, managed and controlled by ethnic minorities and women. We try to proactively identify minority-owned businesses and offer them a chance to compete with other suppliers. We welcome the opportunity to build strong, rewarding relationships with high-quality diverse suppliers and service providers in our communities.

    Cincinnati Children's is working hard to make our supplier base reflect the community and the markets we serve.

    Minority Business Enterprise
    A minority business is a business with at least 51 percent ownership by one or more minority person who exercises operational authority over daily affairs of the business, has the power to direct management and policies, and receives the beneficial interests of the business. A minority can be anyone from these groups:

    • Women
    • African Americans
    • Asian Americans
    • Hispanic Americans
    • Native Americans
    • Physically challenged

    Contact Purchasing
    For further information, contact Suresh Nirody, associate vice president, at 513-636-2240 or suresh.nirody@cchmc.org.

  • Diversity Programming

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    During the third week in January, Cincinnati Children's honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Each year we take nominations for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award, which is granted to an individual who exhibits: sensitivity to issues of dignity, caring for and helping others, leadership, vision, patience, service to the Cincinnati Children's community and humility.

    Women's History Month
    The contributions women employees make to Cincinnati Children's are celebrated each year during Women's History Month. Health professionals, educators, and researchers present a variety of programs and activities throughout the month. Additionally, Cincinnati Children's honors those who demonstrate courage, integrity, wisdom, leadership service and respect for others throughout the year, with the annual "Outstanding Woman of Cincinnati Children's Award".

    National Hispanic Heritage Month
    September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage month. National Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to honor these contributions and celebrate the rich cultural traditions of our Hispanic-American community.

  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center affirms, through deliberate execution, diversity and inclusion as important organizational values.
  • Cincinnati Children's Diversity Advisory Council

    In accordance with direction from senior management, the Diversity Advisory Council develops, implements and recommends strategies and actions for managing diversity at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

    The Diversity Advisory Council is comprised of management, faculty, physicians and employees. In populating the Council, we seek representation across locations (main campus and outpatient satellites), division and departments, positions, levels within the management team, gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and tenure with Cincinnati Children's. We have 36 Diversity Advisory Council members.