• Meet the Team

    Fellows have the opportunity to work collaboratively with and learn from the diverse members of the Division and Medical Center in clinical, research, academic, and educational settings. Listed below are the faculty and staff who work directly with fellows during their clinical rotations and serve as primary mentors for research and scholarly activities.
  • A photo of Frank Biro.

    Frank M. Biro, MD Director of Research, Adolescent and Transition Medicine 513-636-8602

    A photo of Paula Braverman.

    Paula K. Braverman, MD Director, Community Programs, Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine 513-636-2070

    A photo of Lesley Breech.

    Lesley L. Breech, MD Division Director, Division of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

    A photo of Maria Britto.

    Maria T. Britto, MD, MPH Director, Center for Innovation in Chronic Disease Care 513-636-8587

    A photo of Lee Ann Conard.

    Lee Ann E. Conard, RPh, DO, MPH Director, Residency Education, Department of Pediatrics, UC College of Medicine 513-636-2153

    A photo of James Ebert.

    James Ebert, MD Staff Physician, Division of General and Community Pediatrics 513-636-2966

    A photo of Carol Brown Engel.
    A photo of Jessica A. Kahn.

    Jessica A. Kahn, MD, MPH Interim Division Director, Adolescent and Transition Medicine 513-803-4539

    A photo of Tanya L. Kowalczyk Mullins.
    A photo of Corinne Lehmann.

    Corinne Lehmann, MD, MEd Director, Medical Student Education (Clerkship Director), Department of Pediatrics, UC College of Medicine 513-636-8591

    A photo of Ellen Lipstein.
    A photo of Laurie Mitan, MD.

    Laurie A. Mitan, MD Director, Eating Disorders Program 513-636-4681

    A photo of Abigail Nye.

    Abigail Nye, MD Director, Transition Medicine Team 513-803-4348

    A photo of Sherine Patterson-Rose.
    A photo of Beth Schwartz.

    Beth I. Schwartz, MD Director, Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology Resident Program 513-636-9400

    A photo of Darcey Thornton.
    A photo of Giselle Weller.

    Giselle Weller, MD Staff Physician, Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine 513-636-4896

    A photo of Lea Widdice.

    Lea E. Widdice, MD Director, Fellowship Program 513-636-4681

    A photo of Jason Woodward.
    No photo available

    Heidi A. Bunker Clinical Counselor, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 513-636-1748


    Elizabeth Burstein, LISW Social Worker, Child Psychiatry 513-636-1929

    A photo of Ann Marie Dougherty.

    Ann Marie Dougherty, MS, RD, LD Registered Dietitian II, Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine 513-636-4681

    A photo of Laurie Dunham.

    Laurie Dunham, MS, RD, LD Registered Dietician II, Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine 513-803-9932

    A photo of Susannah N. Grimes.
    Abigail L. Matthews, PhD

    Abigail L. Matthews, PhD Pediatric Psychologist, Clinical, Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology 513-636-4336

    A photo of Susan Meierjohan.

    Susan Meierjohan, MSN, APRN, CNP Nurse Practitioner, Division of Adolescent Medicine 513-636-4681

    A photo of Shannon Myatt.
    A photo of Janet Nash.

    Janet K. Nash, LISW Mental Health Therapist, Division of Child Psychiatry 513-636-5565

    A photo of Sarah Painer.

    Sarah Painer, LISW Social Worker II, Division of Social Services 513-636-0777