• Advanced Fellowships in Pediatric Anesthesiology

    Many Fellows in Pediatric Anesthesiology seek additional training opportunities to further develop the specialized skills demanded by our specialty. In addition to our “core” one-year fellowship, we also offer a variety of Advanced Fellowships in Pediatric Anesthesiology subspecialties. 

    Additional information about these Advanced Fellowships in Pediatric Anesthesiology is listed below.
  • The department offers a 6 month and one-year program in pediatric neuroanesthesia and neurophysiological monitoring combining clinical training with research or quality improvement. Education in research methodology or quality improvement science and conduct of research study or quality improvement project is an integral component of the fellowship program. This fellowship will facilitate the certification in Neurophysiological Monitoring by the American Board of Neurophysiological Monitoring.
    Director J. McAuliffe, MD., John.Mcauliffe@cchmc.org
    The department offers a one-year fellowship in pain management combining clinical training in both pediatric and adult pain medicine with an emphasis on the former. The program has a strong focus on chronic pain management of in-patients and out-patients. After completion of the fellowship, the anesthesiologist candidate will be eligible for certification in Pain Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology.
    Director A. Szabova, MD., Alexandra.Szabova@cchmc.org
    The department offers a one-year fellowship program in pediatric palliative care which involves the care of children with life threatening conditions and their families. Physicians who are board eligible in anesthesiology or pediatrics are welcome to apply. The clinical training includes exposure to children with pain, special needs, and other complex medical conditions in the in-patient and out-patient setting. After completion of the fellowship, the candidate will be eligible for certification in Palliative Care Medicine by the American Board of Anesthesiology or the American Board of Pediatrics, depending on their previous training.
    Director N. Weidner, MD., Norbert.Weidner@cchmc.org
    This advanced 6-12 month program consists of formal training in quality improvement science and safety. The fellow will complete courses such as “Intermediate Improvement Science Series” offered at the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Participants will conduct a quality improvement project with the assistance of our experienced quality-improvement faculty; the project will be presented at a national meeting and published in a peer-review journal. The quality improvement fellowship may be combined with a clinical fellowship can vary in length from 6-24 months.
    Director A. Varughese, MD, MPH., Anna.Varughese@cchmc.org
    The department is offering a twelve-month advanced pediatric cardiac anesthesia fellowship in addition to the one-year pediatric anesthesia fellowship. The fellowship is designed to provide clinical training, didactic instruction and clinical or basic science research in an effort to produce a trainee who is well prepared to begin a clinical and/or academic career in Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia. Case load would include surgical interventions, with and without cardiopulmonary bypass, cardiac catheterization cases including diagnostic, interventional, hybrid and electrophysiologic, cardiac MRI and echocardiography sedation exposure. Fellows would be expected to become proficient in starting arterial and central lines with and without ultrasound guidance. Cincinnati Children's and the Heart Institute will provide the breadth and depth of experience to obtain this training while developing an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of congenital cardiac defects.
    Director: Jennifer Lam, DO, jennifer.lam@cchmc.org
    The Chinese Pediatric Anesthesia Research Fellowship program is a two-year program designed for Chinese anesthesiologists to train in research in the areas of neurobiology, pharmacometrics, clinical trials, or quality improvement. The program provides fellows with an opportunity to advance their research skills for the purpose of continuing this research upon return to their home institution. Education in research or quality improvement methodology is an integral component of the fellowship program. The faculty at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will provide an intensive research or quality improvement experience and continue the mentorship and collaboration upon return of the fellow to China. This fellowship aims to drive scientific discovery, improve safety and perioperative outcomes for children undergoing anesthesia and surgery in China.
    Director: Dr. Junzheng Wu, Junzheng.Wu@cchmc.org  
    In addition to the programs we offer for We also offer a unique program for the anesthesiologist who has already completed their residency training: “Pediatric Anesthesia for the Practicing Anesthesiologist”, also known as The PAPA Program. The PAPA Program is designed for the anesthesiologist in practice who desires additional experience in pediatric anesthesia care. Participants will augment their skills and experience in a one-week program combining one-on-one teaching with hands-on experience in our busy operating rooms. Clinical activities are highly customizable depending on the interest of the student. 
    Director Paul J. Samuels, MD., Paul.Samuels@cchmc.org
    The Advanced Pediatric Anesthesia in Education fellowship is a 12-month GME-approved training program designed for the pediatric anesthesiologist with a strong interest in medical education. Applicants who have completed a core fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesiology are eligible to apply. Through collaboration with the University of Cincinnati College Of Education, advanced fellows will complete coursework towards the degree of Masters of Medical Education, learning vital skills for success in academic medicine. In addition, fellows will continue clinical expertise as part-time attendings in the busy Cincinnati Children’s Hospital operating rooms. The clinical experience also allows fellows to apply their developing educational skills through exposure to trainees such as anesthesiology residents, clinical fellows, and others.
    Director Paul J. Samuels, MD., Paul.Samuels@cchmc.org