• A photo of T. Andrew Burrow.

    T. Andrew Burrow, MD Assistant Professor, Clinical Genetics and Medical Biochemical Genetics 513-636-4760

    A photo of Robert J. Hopkin.
    A photo of Nancy Doan Leslie.

    Nancy Doan Leslie, MD Interim Co-Director, Division of Human Genetics 513-636-2438

    A photo of Derek Neilson.
    A photo of William Nichols.

    William C. Nichols, PhD Interim Co-Director, Division of Human Genetics 513-636-4717

    A photo of Howard Saal.
    A photo of Elizabeth Schorry.

    Elizabeth K. Schorry, MD Member, Division of Human Genetics 513-636-0121

    A photo of Teresa Smolarek.

    Teresa Smolarek, PhD Director, Cytogenetics Laboratory 513-636-7221

    A photo of Kejian Zhang.

    Kejian Zhang, MD, MBA Director, Molecular Genetics Laboratory 513-636-0121