• A photo of David Bernstein.
    A photo of Rebecca Brady.

    Rebecca C. Brady, MD Director, Adult Clinical Services 513-636-4578

    A photo of Rhonda Cardin.
    A photo of Beverly Connelly.
    A photo of Lara Danziger-Isakov.
    A photo of Michelle Dickey.
    A photo of Robert W. Frenck Jr.

    Robert W. Frenck Jr., MD Interim Director, Division of Infectious Diseases 513-636-7839

    A photo of David Haslam.

    David B. Haslam, MD Director, Antimicrobial Stewardship Program 513-803-1170

    A photo of Margaret Hostetter.

    Margaret K. Hostetter, MD BK Rachford Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics 513-636-4509

    No photo available

    Nancy M. Hutchinson, RN, MSN, CIC Nurse Epidemiologist, Infection Control Program 513-636-8492

    A photo of Xi Jason Jiang.
    A photo Nancy M. Sawtell.
    A photo of Mary Staat.

    Mary Allen Staat, MD, MPH Director, International Adoption Center 513-636-2877

    A photo of Mark Steinhoff.
    A photo of Ming Tan.