• Hand Fellowship

    Fellowship director Roger Cornwall, MD, is nationally known for his expertise in treating conditions that affect the pediatric hand and upper extremities, including complex trauma and congenital deformities. He not only serves as director for the Hand Fellowship but also serves as co-director of the Hand and Upper Extremity Center, which he opened in 2009.

    The clinical scope of the pediatric hand fellowship requires a solid base of hand surgery knowledge and skills. Among the critical components to successful pediatric hand surgery training is the juxtaposition of pediatric and adult hand surgery principles. Prior completion of an adult hand surgery fellowship will allow the fellow to appreciate those differences and the uniqueness of the pediatric population.

    Fellows benefit from Cornwall’s areas of specialty interest, which include:

    1. Pediatric orthopaedic hand and upper extremity surgery
    2. Congenital hand and upper extremity abnormalities
    3. Complex pediatric elbow trauma and deformities
    4. Pediatric hand and wrist trauma
    5. Orthopaedic hand and upper extremity basic science research

    Application for Fellowship 

    The Hand Fellowship does not participate in a match program. For application information, please contact:

    Elizabeth Buchanan
    Administrative Assistant to Drs. Roger Cornwall, M.D. and Kevin Little, M.D.
    Division of Orthopaedics- MLC# 2017
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    3333 Burnet Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Phone: 513-636-7319
    Fax: 513-636-3928
    Email: Elizabeth.Buchanan@cchmc.org  

    Candidates can also be referred by the Pediatric Hand Surgery (Annual) Study Group, a national group headed by Michelle James, MD, of Sacramento, CA, and Emily Hattwick, MD, of Washington, DC.

  • The hand fellow will be assigned to hand service (Cornwall, Foad and Yakuboff) and will also assist in the plastics service.

    The hand fellow will attend Monday clinics with Cornwall, Tuesday Liberty Clinics and Wednesday mini clinics at base with Mohab Foad, MD, Thursday base clinics with Kevin Yakuboff, MD, and Friday clinics in the plastics service. The hand surgery specialist rotating fellows will attend the second and fourth Thursday Liberty clinics with Cornwall.

    The fellow call schedule is listed on “Who’s on Call.” The Hand Fellow will respond to “interesting and challenging” cases as they occur.

    Roger Cornwall, MD – Specializing in brachial plexus birth palsy, pediatric hand and wrist trauma, congenital hand and upper extremity abnormalities, complex pediatric elbow trauma and deformities, gymnast wrist

    Mohab Foad, MD – Specializing in hand, upper extremity and microsurgery, brachial plexus injuries

    Kevin Yakuboff, MD – Specializing in brachial plexus injury nerve repair, congenital and trauma hand surgery, burn reconstruction, microsurgery

    Plastics Service – Specializing in treatment services for congenital and developmental anomalies of the hand