• Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship

    As one of the fastest growing fields within pediatrics, Hospital Medicine must rapidly produce trainees with skills to fill varied clinical roles, but also develop a cadre of well-trained academic leaders to further define and advance the scientific and organizational foundation of the field. The Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center aims to train pediatric hospitalists who will become such leaders. The fellowship started in 2010 and takes 2-3 applicants per year. 


    The program is designed to be completed in three years, but for applicants with significant prior academic training, two years may be sufficient. The first year of the fellowship focuses primarily on clinical and medical education skills. The second and third year of the fellowship focus on acquiring and applying academic skills tailored to the applicant’s interests. Most fellows will pursue an advanced research degree (i.e., a master’s) with costs covered by the fellowship.