Treatment Adherence

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    Adherence Center Seminar

    12/16/2011Journal ClubAhna Pai, PhD
    1/6/2012Research in progressWendy Gray, PhD
    1/13/2012Research in progressMarisa Hilliard, PhD
    1/20/2012Research in progressAvani Modi, PhD
    1/27/2012Journal ClubAvani Modi, PhD
    2/3/2012Statistical Modeling Of AdherenceJames Peugh, PhD
    2/17/2012Challenging CaseYelena Wu, PhD
    2/24/2010Web-based interventions: Application to treatment AdherenceLee Ritterband, PhD (Visiting Lecturer)
    3/2/2012Research in ProgressAvani Modi, PhD
    3/23/2012SeminarBill Brinkman, MD
    4/6/2012Adherence Promotion In Sickle Cell DiseaseLori Crosby, PhD
    4/13/2012Spirituality and Treatment In Adherence in Cystic FibrosisDaniel Grossoehme, D. Min
    5/4/2012MI Strategies in Clinical And ResearchSandy Cortina & Megan Ratcliff, MI
    5/11/2012Statistical Methods of Treatment AdherenceJoe Raush & James Peugh
    5/18/2012Challenging CaseSandy Cortina, PhD
    7/6/2012Leadership 101: Challenges & StrategiesDennis Drotar, PhD
    7/13/2012Group Discussion: Key Key challenges in adherence research: how we can best address themDennis Drotar, PhD
    7/20/2012Introduction to professional Ethics with an emphasis on ResearchDennis Drotar, PhD
    7/27/2012Adherence Center Grand Rounds: Conduct of clinic based interventions (QI and traditional research designs)Ahna Pai, PhD
    8/17/2012Approaches to Evaluating Clinical SignificanceDennis Drotar, PhD
    8/24/2012Ethics of Manuscript Preparation and ReviewDennis Drotar, PhD
    8/31/2012Adherence in Sickle Cell Disease Grand Rounds: Adherence PromotionLori Crosby, PhD
    9/7/2012Research in Pediatric Asthma Center at CCHMCCarolyn Kercsmar, MD
    9/14/2012Adherence Promotion Intervention in Pediatric AsthmaMichael Seid, PhD
    9/21/2012Thoughts on General Strategies for Writing; writing For specific formats: Case studies and reportsDennis Drotar, PhD
    9/28/2012Adherence Center Grand Rounds: Research update on IBDKevin Hommel, PhD
    10/12/2012Pharmacology and Treatment AdherenceSander Vinks, PharmD, PhD
    10/19/2012Methodological Approaches To Understanding DisparitiesAdam Carle, PhD
    10/26/2012Adherence Center Grand Rounds: Challenging CaseSandy Cortina, MI
    11/2/2012Project Search: Adolescent with DiabetesLarry Dolan
    11/9/2012Refining Measures: Application of Rasch Analysis with the Diabetes Self-Management ProfileRick Ittenback, PhD
    11/16/2012Social Networks AnalysisRyan Adams, PhD
    11/30/2012Adherence Center Grand Rounds: Research on Adolescents with Type I DiabetesDennis Drotar, PhD
    Jennifer Rohan, MA
    Joe Raush, PhD
    Yelana Wu, PhD
    12/7/2012Research on Pediatric Bio-EthicsDennis Drotar, PhD
    12/14/2012Preparing Review ArticlesDennis Drotar, PhD
    12/21/2012Adherence Center Grand Rounds: Research Adherence in Pediatric EpilepsyAvani Modi, PhD

    Didactic Seminar

    09/14/2012CV workshop
    10/12/2012Negotiating for a Job
    11/9/2012Academic and Research Careers
    12/14/2012Clinical Career Paths
    1/11/13Administrative/Supervisory/Transition from Fellow to Job
    04/12/2013Community Partnerships
    05/10/2013Former Fellows Panel
    06/14/2013Grant writing
    07/12/2013Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

    Colloquium Series

    Division of Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology Colloquium Series

    11/05/12Yelena Wu, PhDAdherence and Self-Management
    12/03/12Wendy Gray, PhDAdherence and IBD
    01/07/13Melissa Stern, PhDEffortful Control
    02/04/13Soumitri Sil, PhDPediatric Pain
    03/04/13Natoshia Cunningham, PhDAnxiety in Youth with Chronic Pain
    04/08/13Stephanie Weber, PhDEarly Intervention for Developmental Disabilities
    05/06/13Lauren Holleb, PhDPeer Relationships
    06/03/13Stacey Simon, PhDSleep and Obesity in Preschoolers

  • Photo of fellows attending the Adherence Center Seminar

    Photo of fellows attending the Adherence Center Seminar

    Photo of fellows attending the Adherence Center Seminar