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    + Faculty Development Committee Members

    The Faculty Development Committee at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center was established under the leadership of Thomas G. DeWitt, MD, Medical Director of the Division Director of General and Community Pediatrics.

    Meetings are held four times a year to promote, develop and organize faculty development in teaching by means of local, regional and national workshops and seminars.

    The Faculty Development Committee consists of the following members:


    Thomas Dewitt, MD

    Committee Members

    Raymond C Baker, MD, MEd
    Co-Program Director

    Emanuel Doyne, MD
    Co-Program Director

    Susan Allen, RN
    Vice President - Patient Services Administration

    James Boex, PhD, MBA
    Program Director for the MPH Degree, University of Cincinnati

    William B. Brinkman, MD, MEd
    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

    Michael R. FitzGerald, MD
    Research Education, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics – Field Studies

    Kadriye O Lewis, EdD
    Education Consultant

    M. Anne Longo, RN, BSN, MBA
    Director, Center for Professional Excellence / Education

    Daniel J. McLinden, EdD
    Program Manager, Education and Training

    Gregory W. Rouan, MD
    Residency Program Director, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine

    Lisa M. Vaughn, PhD
    Associate Professor of Pediatrics

    Laura Werts
    Program Coordinator

    + Responsibilities of the Faculty Development Committee

    The Faculty Development Committee is responsible for the following activities:

    • Perform needs assessment for faculty development programs, program topics and speakers
    • Plan and implement activities in support of faculty development
    • Encourage and facilitate continual professional growth for the purpose of strengthening the faculty's teaching skills
    • Provide means for the faculty to carry out developmental activities in all areas of faculty functions, focusing on academic excellence
    • Identify grant support for faculty development activities that do not have other means of support within Cincinnati Children's
    • Review and evaluate the effectiveness of faculty development activities
    • Create an annual budget and action agenda.

    + Faculty Development Instructors