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    Applications are accepted year-round for the Online Master's Degree Program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and students may start in any term.

    ONLINE APPLICATION LINKS (applications must be completed online):
    As part of the application process, you will create an account. You can sign back into your account to revise your application at any time prior to submitting it. You can also check the status of your application and pay your application fee through the Self-Service Center.

    Click here for Graduate School Application

    US citizens select "Domestic Applicants" and then the program "Master of Education-Medical Education Curriculum & Instruction-Distance Learning-US Citizen." The application fee is $65.

    Non-US citizensselect "International Applicants" and then the program "Master of Education-Medical Education Curriculum & Instruction-Distance Learning-Non-US Citizen." The application fee is $70.


    • One-page admission essay − This essay should address your current interest and involvement in medical education, your experience in planning, conducting, and/or evaluating educational research, and your future career goals.
    • Curriculum vitae   
    • Unofficial Transcripts - Upload unofficial transcripts directly into the application. A transcript is required from any college/university you receive a degree from. An unofficial transcript can be a course record you download directly from the college or an actual transcript that is mailed to you that you scan in and upload. It should include the name of the University, your name, a list of the courses you took, when you took them, how many credits or points each course was worth, and the grade you earned on each course.  

      Note: If your transcript does not include a GPA (eg your medical school courses were graded pass/fail), you can enter either 0.0 or 4.0 for your GPA where requested on the application.

      Official Transcripts AFTER acceptance - Your application will be reviewed based on your unofficial transcripts. If you are accepted into the program, you will be required to order official transcripts to be sent to the Graduate School (not the program office) from each of your colleges/universities within a few weeks. An official transcript is one that comes directly from the University in a sealed envelope or via an email or e-script service that the college or university uses. Information on where to send your official transcript will be sent with your acceptance email. 

      Please note that if the official transcript does not match the unofficial transcript you uploaded (grades, degree, or other critical information), your acceptance will be revoked.
    • Two professional letters of recommendation for admission into this Master's program. Generic recommendations, recommendations for admission to fellowship or residency programs, or recommendations for employment are not suitable. Personal recommendations are not appropriate.

        You must provide information about who your recommenders are; the online application system will email each of them a link so that they can securely upload their recommendation letters. 
        • One recommendation should be from your division director, chief, fellowship director, or other supervisor and should address the reasons for his or her support for your application. If you are moving into a new position, the recommendation should be from your new director or supervisor.
        • The second recommendation may be from a colleague, former director or supervisor, former attending or preceptor, or other professional of your choosing who can speak to your involvement/interest/skills/etc. within the medical education field.
      (Important note: You will not be able to add or edit recommenders, and the email to recommenders cannot be resent. Recommenders will be required to upload their letter into your application themselves. Please be sure to let your recommenders know to look for the email, including in their spam folder if necessary.)

      You can enter in more than two recommenders if you like. We require two (2) recommendation letters to be submitted for your application. If you are concerned that one of your recommenders may not submit the recommendation in a timely manner, you can add an additional recommender. If only two submit letters on your behalf, we will review your application with those two. If all three (or more) submit letters, we will review all recommendations submitted.
    • Test scores, if applicable. If you are required to submit GRE and / or TOEFL scores, see below for additional information.  When you take the test, select the "University of Cincinnati" as the institution that should receive the electronic grades. If you took the test within the past five (5) years, go to ets.org/gre or ets.org/toefl and log into your account to request the scores be submitted to the University of Cincinnati or to order another copy of your scores.
    • Payment of application fee. After you submit your application, an invoice will be generated. You must pay application fee before your application can be considered for review.
  • GRE scores are not required for the following applicants:

    • Those with a 3.2 GPA or higher in undergraduate or previous graduate work
    • Those with an MD, DO, PhD or similar with the assumption that the GRE, MCAT, or similar test was required for admission to that program

    If your GPA is under 3.2 and you are not otherwise exempt, you will be required to take the General GRE. Visit the ETS web site for test locations and to schedule a test or to obtain a copy of a previous test. When taking the test, the associated school your scores should be sent to is the University of Cincinnati/College of Education, Criminal Justice & Human Learning/School of Education. If your scores are not available electronically through the University of Cincinnati, we will require the original test score report (it will be returned to you). Test scores are valid and accepted for five years after taking the test.

    The program is conducted entirely in English, primarily written English, and requires strong English composition skills.  It is our sincere goal to ensure that applicants are able to be successful in the program, and success requires the ability to understand and critique what others have written and for others to understand and critique what you have written.  Applicants whose native language is not English and who have not received a prior degree from an institution in an English-speaking country must show moderate to high proficiency in written English. This proficiency will be judged from TOEFL or IELTS scores, the one-page essay, and other communications with the program staff, including emails. English proficiency will not be judged based on scores alone.

    The following English Competency test scores are the minimum we look for:

    TOEFL internet-based test: score of 94 overall, with 22 for Reading and 24 for Writing
    IELTS: band scores of 7 for Reading, Writing and Overall

    A list of exempt countries is available on UC's website. It may be possible also to request a waiver of the English Proficiency test requirement, but the applicant must be fluent in English.

    To start in this term

    All application materials must be received by

    Fall semester (August)

    June 1

    Spring semester (January)

    October 1

    Summer semester (May)

    February 1

    Admission is offered to qualified candidates regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. The application process is non-competitive and applicants are accepted or rejected solely on the basis of academic and professional criteria. Applicants are officially notified of acceptance or denial by email. Interested individuals should direct inquiries to:

    Lea Alaee, Program Coordinator
    Division of General and Community Pediatrics
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, ML 2011
    3333 Burnet Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

    Phone: 513-636-4183
    Fax: 513-636-7247
    Email: lea.alaee@cchmc.org

  • Students Say...

    “The master’s program has had a profound effect on my career and helped me secure my current faculty position and role … as a medical education specialist.”

    Walter Eppich, MD
    Emergency Medicine
    Children’s Memorial Hospital