• Frequently Asked Questions - Technology and Software

    The Online Master’s Degree Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center provides answers to frequently asked questions about technology and software:

  • Get detailed technology requirements and recommendations. Any current computer that can access most of the internet and run the more recent versions of browser software and browser applications (including Java) and Microsoft Office or compatible software (primarily Word and PowerPoint) will work well for distance learning.

    For communications, you must have an email account. For use of Blackboard, you only need access to the internet with a Java-enabled browser. For completion of assignments and projects for your courses, you will need word processing and presentation software (such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint) and Adobe Reader. Some courses have other software requirements, most of which are web-based programs or can be downloaded from the internet.

    Speakers and a microphone or a headset may be required for participation in web conferences and for recording audio presentations.

    Almost any new computer (PC, Mac, Linux, etc.) on the market today will meet the minimum technical needs of distance learning. Get minimum required and recommended specifications.

    A high-speed or broadband connection is strongly recommended, however you can get away with a 56K connection if needed. With the slower connection, accessing the course, running web-based applications, downloading course materials, uploading assignments, and finding information online will be much slower and more cumbersome. Sometimes, however, the slower connection may be all that is available in certain parts of the world. Students working temporarily in certain areas of Africa, for example, may only be able to connect via modem. If you will traveling for several weeks to an area without good coverage, you may want to take that semester off from coursework.