• International Medical Education Exchange Program

    Under the leadership of Richard Azizkhan, MD, an international five-year collaborative program for pediatric medical education has been established.

    This program involves an exchange among Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Tuzla University Clinical Center (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Zagreb Children’s Hospital (Croatia).

    The goal of the program is to train physicians, surgeons and nurses in pediatric, medical and surgical subspecialties, as well as professionals in other health-related fields (e.g., pharmacy and physical and respiratory therapy).

    Skills that are learned can be brought home and taught to others, gradually leading to both improved patient care and more efficient healthcare delivery systems.

    This program is part of Cincinnati Children’s long-term vision of improving child health worldwide by establishing partnerships in countries where the morbidity and mortality of children is high and where close collaboration of political, academic and institutional leaders is feasible.

    For more information about this program, contact Richard Azizkhan, MD, at 513-636-4576 or richard.azizkhan@cchmc.org