Pediatric Residency Program

  • Welcome: Chief Residents

    Andrea Gross, MD:

    First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to consider Cincinnati Children’s for your pediatric residency. It seems just like yesterday that I was looking for my own residency program, and I remember being completely overwhelmed by all of the little details we were told to focus on by our medical school advisors. Is it a large program? A small one? Urban? Rural? High volume? Low volume? So many options!

    In the end, while each of those things eventually contributed to my decision, none of them really got at the heart of the matter. When I came to interview at Cincinnati Children’s I found a place that had not only a world class pediatric medical center, but also a group of residents, administrative staff and program directors that clearly loved their jobs. I’m from the east coast and had really not intended to go anywhere outside of driving distance from home, but when I finished my interview here I realized that all of my “pro/con” lists couldn’t have found the one thing I found at Cincinnati Children’s – a place that felt like a new home. I interviewed at a lot of other places, and while I’m sure I could have gotten a good education at most of them, I don’t think I could have gotten a better one than I had here, and I know that I could not have found a more friendly, supportive and hard-working group of colleagues. So when you’re on the interview trail this year, I hope that you come and visit us and see what I did – that this program can be your home for the next phase of your training and your life. I promise you won’t regret it.

    Andrea Gross, MD.Andrea Gross, MD 

    Benjamin Kinnear, MD:

    Thank you for taking the time to check out Cincinnati as a possible destination for your training! As you are flying through the whirlwind of applying to residency programs, I hope you consider visiting us along the way. The Med-Peds program at Cincinnati has excellent relationships with both categorical programs, and our residents integrate seamlessly with the residents on both sides. Cincinnati Children's provides such an amazing array of learning opportunities, and quality of training is top-notch. . . but. . . what really makes this place stand out to me is the type of people that are here. The family-like atmosphere is palpable, and there is never a moment when a resident (or chief!) is unsupported. Between the dance music before conferences and our love of skit videos, there is a fun and relaxed atmosphere that compliments the high-level medical training in a way that makes our jobs incredibly fun. It is this culture of togetherness that allows our Med-Peds residents to change between IM and Peds, and always feel welcome when they return to Cincinnati Children's after some time on the adult side. This energy starts at the top with the program leadership, and flows down to our residents. I hope you choose to come visit us and experience it for yourself, and I look forward to meeting you if you make Cincinnati part of your journey!

    Benjamin Kinnear, MD. Benjamin Kinnear, MD

    Jessica Foster, MD:

    Welcome and congratulations on this exciting time in your career! I can remember approaching fourth year of medical school with excitement and anticipation, with all the prospects and decisions that lay ahead. I had the added complexity of couples-matching with my husband, but right from the start Cincinnati stood out as the top of our list. From the incredible academic and research excellence that makes it a premier children’s hospital, to the extraordinary caring nature of every single employee here, Cincinnati Children's combines the best attributes of a large institution with the feel of a small family.

    My three years of residency have only further solidified our decision to rank Cincinnati Children's as our top choice. I am consistently blown away by the people that make up this institution – from the leadership of our residency program to my co-residents who go out of their way to help one another every single day. The opportunities here are immeasurable, and you will be working alongside national and world leaders in all fields of pediatrics. I encourage you to come visit with us this interview season and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

    Jessica Foster, MD.Jessica Foster, MD

    Matthew Carroll, MD:

    I’m so excited that you’re interested in Cincinnati Children’s hospital for your pediatric training. I remember the excitement of the application process like it was yesterday. I’m born and raised in The Lone Star State and assumed that I would stay in Texas for residency. I really didn’t know what programs to apply to, other than ones in Texas. My wife and I paid for the premium subscription to US News and World Report in order to get the expanded listing of the nation’s top pediatric residency training programs and off went our applications. To be honest, throughout the entire process we still had every intention of staying in Texas. Then we came to Cincinnati…

    As soon as I walked through the doors of the hospital, there was an excitement within this place that words couldn’t describe. From the nurses to the child life specialists to the residents to the attendings, everyone seemed so excited to be at work. When we met the residents, the excitement grew even more! I mean, where else do they play music before all their morning reports and noon conferences?!? To this day, I can still remember the words that our Program Director, Javi, told our group of applicants, “We might not always be the best, but we will be the best at getting better!” I left that day thinking that this was a program I desperately wanted to be a part of.

    Fast-forward 4 years and I’m so happy that I decided to come to Cincinnati for residency. I can promise you that your training here will be top notch! The volume is great. One of the unique features of our program is that we are the only hospital admitting pediatric patients in the area, so not only do we get the zebras that come with being at a tertiary care center, but we also get the bread ‘n butter peds that should be a part of every training program. But forget that stuff! Many programs will train you well, but what we really have to offer is family. You will make some of your greatest friends here that will last a lifetime and you really will become part of a family that will support you throughout your 3+ years here…and beyond!

    Matthew Carroll, MD.Matthew Carroll, MD

    Philip Hagedorn, MD:

    I almost didn’t interview here at Cincinnati Children’s. It was my last interview, scheduled late in the winter, and I’d already visited plenty of other places during my search for a residency program. I thought that I’d seen it all and a visit here would do little to inform my rank list.

    Clearly, I was wrong. I did interview here and I LOVED IT. I loved the medical center, which serves the world with its excellent subspecialty care and never ending research, but also serves the neighborhood immediately outside its walls. I loved the leaders of this program, who had clearly built relationships with their trainees despite the size and business of the place. Most of all, I loved the residents I got to meet, I loved the camaraderie they shared, and the way they seemed to look out for each other in the midst of a busy day.

    After more than three years here, those first impressions have been buttressed many times over. Visit Cincinnati Children's and see for yourself. You’ll see a place where residents work hard, learn and experience lots, and look out for one another.

    Sound like a wonderful training environment? Well, you’re right. We invite you to come and find out for yourself. 

    Philip Hagedorn, MD.Philip Hagedorn, MD