Pediatric Residency Program

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    Here at Cincinnati Children's we offer a variety of program options. As one of the largest Pediatric Residency Training Programs in the country, we offer various Combined Pediatric Residencies as well as a Pediatric Preliminary Year, in addition to our core Pediatric Categorical Residency. Cincinnati Children's also offers a multitude of fellowship opportunities for most any subspecialty you may be interested in.

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    Categorical Pediatrics Residency

    Our Categorical Pediatrics Training is the core of our training programs. Residents get a breadth of experience in various subspecialties and general pediatrics in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Learn more about the categorical rotation schedules.

    Preliminary Year

    At Cincinnati Children’s you have the opportunity to complete a preliminary year of training in pediatrics as you transition to other residencies which require this training. As an integral member of the residency team, the preliminary year resident develops fundamental clinical skills in general and subspecialty pediatrics. In addition to inpatient general pediatric rotations, this training is augmented by rotations in outpatient pediatrics, emergency medicine, newborn intensive care, and pediatric subspecialties such as cardiology, pulmonology, nephrology, and neurology. There is flexibility to add elective rotations as well as ongoing weekly outpatient clinic days that provide the resident with an opportunity to customize the preliminary year specifically to meet his / her future training needs.

    Combined Programs

    Additional residents are invited to train at Cincinnati Children’s through the following combined programs:

    Fellowship Opportunities

    Residents who want to pursue an academic career can consider fellowship training at Cincinnati Children’s. Our fellows take an active role in resident education and research. View a list of our clinical fellowships.