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    Residents at Cincinnati Children's.

    Residency is more than just life at the hospital. Here you will find true, lifelong friendship. Remember, you cannot have fun in the hospital unless you have fun outside of the hospital! Our residents are active in the community, playing on recreational sports teams, visiting area attractions and cheering on area sports teams!

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    Resident Life

    Starting residency is a significant turning point. We understand your excitement and your anxiety. The residents at Cincinnati Children’s are living proof that it is possible to have fun while taking call and learning about pediatrics. This is largely because of the truly unique camaraderie − resident to resident, resident to chief resident and resident to program director. You will maintain your identity as a person, not just a resident.

    The years you spend at Cincinnati Children’s will be demanding, but they will undoubtedly be some of the most rewarding years of your life. You will have a unique opportunity to work intimately with other residents, nurses, attendings and staff who are dedicated to your development into an excellent physician while simultaneously helping you preserve your quality of life. Your voice is always heard in Cincinnati. You become part of our family.

    The size of our residency program allows us to be accommodating and flexible with residents who experience life changes, want to travel abroad, match as a couple and have children during their residency. Having one large, main hospital allows you to interact with your colleagues at conferences and in the house staff lounge on a daily basis when on different rotations. The offices of the program directors and chief residents are adjacent to the house staff lounge, fostering close community.

    Your Voice Will Be Heard

    At Cincinnati Children's, residents are a respected and central part of the hospital team. Medical center administration and house staff leadership are committed to the residency program and to improving it year after year. Your voice will always be heard.

    Residency Council

    Committee composed of 10 members of each class. Meets monthly to discuss all issues related to residency, including curriculum, benefits and schedules. This group is the voice of the residency and has been responsible for the vast majority of the changes in our program.

    Town Hall Meetings

    Quarterly meetings for each residency class where the program directors and chiefs listen to the specific needs of each resident class.

    Anonymous Evaluations

    Residents are able to anonymously evaluate their peers and their own superiors. Residents are able to review evaluations of their own performance online as soon as they are submitted.

    And most importantly, our program directors, chair and chief residents ensure that their doors are always open.

    Living in Cincinnati

    History of Cincinnati Children's

    Resident Demographics

    When not in the hospital, residents like to take advantage of the many opportunities that Cincinnati has to offer. While hanging out with each other and families, our residents enjoy going out to dinner at the fine variety of restaurants located throughout downtown as well as its many suburbs. Sports continues to be a common theme; with professional and college sports prominent in Cincinnati, there’s always an event to attend. Residents have even organized city-wide recreational teams in soccer, softball and volleyball. Exploring the Cincinnati Arts scene is rather popular among our residents, ranging from art shows at Essex Studios or Final Fridays to free concerts on Fountain Square and main stream shows at Riverbend Music Center, Broadway Across America performances at the Aronoff, and local productions at The Know Theater or Playhouse in the Park. Going out for Graeter’s Ice Cream seems to be a favorite as well, in addition to catching up on favorite television shows, and of course, sneaking in a few extra hours of sleep.

    Not only do our residents like to promote healthy lifestyles, but they like to partake in them as well (especially given how well-fed we are at Cincinnati Children's). Most popular among our ways to stay active include running through many of the Cincinnati suburbs, a commonplace in areas such as Hyde Park. Our residents enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing and kayaking, and participate in a variety of pick-up and organized sporting teams, including volleyball, softball, basketball, soccer, tennis and golf. They find time to hit the gym as well, including yoga classes, spinning, zumba and weight training, as well as various other cardio regimens.

    To learn a little bit more about our residents, we’ve provided you with our residency demographics, including information about relationship and family status, as well as career plans. Click here to download our Residency Demographic PDF.

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