• Adult Neurology Rotations

    To satisfy board certification requirements, each child neurology resident spends a total of 12 months on adult neurology rotations at the University of Cincinnati and its clinics, distributed over three years. The University Hospital clinics are a short walk from the Cincinnati Children’s campus.

    The experience working with adult neurology patients gives residents the opportunity to gain understanding of neurological diseases and processes that start in childhood but persist into adulthood. In addition, residents see important conditions like stroke, dementias and multiple sclerosis in adults in ways that enhance our understanding of these conditions in childhood. Furthermore, the annual training examination and the board examinations are still heavily weighted toward adult neurology, so this training prepares our residents for those examinations.

    During the first year of training, child neurology residents spend two to three months as interns on the inpatient neurology service, with in-house call every fourth or fifth night and some night float coverage. Residents spend two to three months on the adult consult service with no call but some half-day weekend shifts. There is also one month of adult neurology clinic. The remaining six month-long rotations occur during the second and third years of training and include consults (no overnight call but some half-day weekend shifts) and outpatient specialty clinics.