• Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Pediatrics Combined Residency

    Children with disabilities represent a unique population within pediatrics. They require physicians who are experts at treating a wide range of physical and cognitive impairments and have an understanding of chronic medical disorders. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Cincinnati offer a five-year combined residency program that can provide this expertise. Upon graduation, residents will be board eligible in both pediatrics and physical medicine and rehabilitation, and will be eligible to sit for the pediatric rehabilitation medicine subspecialty exam.

    Pediatric physiatrists focus on maximizing every child’s function and quality of life. They often work as part of a multidisciplinary team and enjoy long-term relationships with their patients. Physiatrists care for a wide variety of patient populations including patients with cerebral palsy, neuromuscular disorders, brain injury, spinal cord injury, brachial plexus injuries, spina bifida, cancer, chronic pain and sports injuries.

  • The residents in the combined pediatric / physical medicine and rehabilitation program complete a full training program that meets all requirements for the national board certification examination for pediatrics. The first year is a traditional pediatric internship. During the remaining four years of training, residents complete an additional 18 months of general pediatrics. During this time they participate in many rotations and electives that provide opportunities to care for children with disabilities and chronic health conditions. Residents participate in pediatric continuity clinic in years one and two. The pediatric training program has a full ten-year accreditation from the ACGME.
    Following their internship year, residents rotate in four-month blocks, alternating between pediatrics and PM&R to ensure that they do not spend an extended period of time away from either program. PM&R training takes place through the University of Cincinnati. Training sites include the Drake Center, University Hospital, the Christ Hospital, Cincinnati VA Medical Center, and JF Rowley Prosthetic and Orthotic Labs. The PM&R training program has a full ten-year accreditation from the ACGME. 

    During third, fourth and fifth years of training, residents participate in a pediatric rehabilitation clinic one half day per week. During the third year, this half-day clinic will consist of two-month blocks in a variety of pediatric rehabilitation specialty clinics.

    During years four and five, residents attend a weekly pediatric rehabilitation continuity clinic where they are able to follow their own patients. In addition, during years three through five, residents spend two months per year on pediatric rehabilitation rotations. Four of these months are spent on the inpatient pediatric rehabilitation unit, with the remaining two months spent in outpatient clinics. These months count toward both the pediatric and PM&R training requirements. 

    With seven pediatric physiatrists, a research psychologist, five combined pediatric rehabilitation residents and four pediatric rehabilitation fellows, the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Cincinnati Children’s is the largest pediatric rehabilitation division in the country. We collaborated with the University of Cincinnati to establish the combined residency program in 1988 and have graduated more than 20 pediatric physiatrists since then. Three of our faculty members have a strong research focus, making research mentorship readily available to our trainees.

    Our program accepts one applicant per year, and we offer a salary and benefits package that is competitive with similar institutions throughout the country.

    For more information about the combined Pediatric / Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Program, contact Mary Duke at 513-558-7635.

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