Community Education

  • Patient and Family Education at Neighborhood Locations

    Several courses for patients and families are taught at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

    CPR Classes

    Cincinnati Children's offers CPR classes that teach easy-to-learn emergency procedures to deal with breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, infants and children. Procedures include rescue breathing, CPR and Heimlich maneuver.

    For more information about CPR classes, please contact us via email, You may also call 513-636-4232.

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center offers several courses for patients and families.

    Young and Healthy Parent Class Series

    When you have questions about your child's health, where do you turn? Who do you most trust for parenting help? Cincinnati Children's wants you to have the information you need to be the best parent you can be.

    We have featured several parenting topics through our Young and Healthy Parent Class Series. This series has been suspended temporarily while we evaluate how Cincinnati Children's can be the best resource to our parent community. You can help by giving us feedback on how you prefer to receive parenting information (classes, email, newsletters, etc.) and topics you are interested in learning more about. Please email with your ideas.

    In the meantime, many departments will continue to hold educational offerings. Some of these include: