• CPR / AED / First Aid Training Classes

    Every Parent Should Know This Lifesaving Skill.

    If your child’s heart suddenly stops working, would you know what to do?

    Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a life threatening condition in which the heart’s electrical system malfunctions and the heart can no longer pump oxygen-rich blood to the brain and vital organs.

    SCA is the number one cause of death in the USA. SCA is the number cause of death in teenage athletes. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to children as well as adults. There are many causes, including underlying heart disease, a blow to the chest, asthma, drowning, electrocution, diabetes, and allergic reaction.

    When CPR and an AED are administered within the first 3-5 minutes of collapse, the victim has a 75% greater chance of survival. CPR pumps oxygen-rich blood to the brain and major organs to sustain life; an AED can deliver a lifesaving shock to the heart and get it beating effectively again.

    Cincinnati Children’s Center for Professional Excellence / Education Department offers monthly classes for patients, friends and families who want to learn CPR, AED, and First Aid. Classes are conveniently held during evening and weekend hours at various locations.

    Please call the CPR Department at 513-636-1096 for more information or to sign up for a CPR / AED or First Aid class.