MD and PhD Program

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    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is pleased to offer our MD / PhD postgraduate trainees a variety of benefits.

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    + Vacation

    PL-1, PL-2 and PL-3 residents receive four weeks of vacation. 

    + Parking

    Parking while on duty (after an initial, refundable deposit of $15 for an ID badge and a window sticker): You receive 10 days of parking per two-week pay period.

    + Stipends

    PL-1 $41,000
    PL-2 $42,000
    PL-3 $43,000
    PL-4 $44,000
    PL-5 $45,000

    + Insurance

    Cincinnati Children’s provides health and dental insurance at special rates for residents. The effective date of insurance is the first date of employment.
    Life insurance in the amount of $50,000 is provided at no cost to you. This insurance is convertible to a continuing policy when you leave Cincinnati Children’s.
    We provide long-term disability insurance covering disability incurred as a result of sickness or an accident. Coverage is effective the first day of active employment. Cincinnati Children’s pays for the entire cost of this coverage. The plan benefit is 60 percent of your base salary, up to a maximum benefit of $2,000 per month, beginning after 90 days of disability.

    + Leaves of Absence

    Medical leaves of absence with pay can be granted for short-term illness or injury, including pregnancy, for a period of up to 12 weeks with medical certification. Paid paternity leave of up to four working days can also be granted. Leave time will not count as vacation days. Personal (nonmedical) leaves of absence without pay are available for up to one year with the approval of the residency / fellowship training director. The house officer is guaranteed a position in the next year’s program at an equivalent PL level. This, however, does not guarantee status in terms of completion of the American Board of Pediatrics’ residency requirement.

    + Educational Meetings

    We support one special educational meeting per resident to a maximum of $1,000 for PL-2 and PL-3 residents. If the resident does not attend a meeting, $200 may be applied to the purchase of approved books or publications. A book / journal allowance of $210 per year will be provided to each PL-1, PL-2 and PL-3 resident. Medical instruments approved by the director may be purchased as well.

    + White Coats and Scrubs

    On-call rooms are provided, as well as white coats and scrub suits.

    + On-Site Child Care

    Cincinnati Children’s owns and operates an on-site child care facility, called Children’s for Children, for all employees. The facility is a recipient of national, state and local awards and is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. There may be a waiting list.

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