MD and PhD Program

  • Research Experience

    If you have significant research experience and a commitment to an academic pediatric career, the MD / PhD Postgraduate Training Program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center offers two options that can reduce the length of your residency and fellowship training by up to one year. These programs include protected research time during the clinical portion of your residency, allowing you to spend up to 80 percent of your time in purely research-related pursuits.

    Special Alternative Pathway (“Fast Track”)

    The Special Alternative Pathway, established by the American Board of Pediatrics, is a flexible training program that combines residency and fellowship training. You will first complete two years of residency, in which you will complete the same rotations that traditional residents have spread out over three years. Then, after approval from the residency program and the American Board of Pediatrics, you will complete a year of fellowship training dedicated to clinical training and two years of research. You and your mentor will develop your curriculum, which may include training in clinical research. “Fast Track” trainees are eligible for Pediatrics Board certification after the completion of the final three years of fellowship.

    Guaranteed research stipends are provided during training. Continued academic support through the Procter Scholar Program will be available post-fellowship to suitable candidates, to ensure that trainees establish themselves as independent investigators during the early period of faculty development.

    Fast Track candidates are chosen based on previous accomplishments, training, postgraduate degrees and research experience, as well as performance during clinical clerkships and basic science courses. If you are interested in these programs, discuss this option during the application process.

    The Residency Research Track

    This three-year program is targeted toward MD / PhD candidates and physicians with extensive research experience and a strong commitment to a career in academic pediatrics. It allows you the opportunity to participate in significant research activity. The goal is to provide future academic pediatricians with a highly integrated, efficient and flexible training program aimed at developing an independent academic career.

    The three-year residency program allows for up to 11 months to be dedicated to specific research activities, which can be credited toward fellowship programs, and 22 months in clinical activities. Continuity clinic continues weekly throughout the three years. During research months, at least 80 percent of your time is spent in research activities. Numerous outstanding laboratories throughout the medical center are available to you.

    Candidates are chosen during the first year of the residency program and must be approved by the program and the American Board of Pediatrics. A local committee will monitor your clinical and research progress to ensure you are developing your clinical skills at an appropriate rate. A research mentor will be chosen and be responsible for facilitating the research experience, which may focus on basic science, clinical or health policy research.

    Personalized Training

    These programs are flexible and can be tailored to maximize your clinical experience and your research opportunities at Cincinnati Children’s. Opportunities for research training and development will be matched with your individual needs, depending on experience and established goals. 

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