Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the requirements for the MS degree?
      The only degree offered by the Program is the PhD. The MS degree is NOT available.
    2. Is it necessary to obtain an MS degree before applying to the Program?
      No, most applicants have only a BS or BA degree.
    3. Is financial aid available? Are foreign applicants eligible for financial aid?
      All students who are accepted into the Program receive a generous stipend (to cover living expenses) and their tuition is paid in full by the program. The program also pays for health insurance for students.
    4. What are the ETS codes for the GRE and TOEFL?
      The institution codes is 1833 for both; the department code is 0208 for the GRE and 99 for TOEFL.
    5. Is the GRE subject test required?
      No, but a good score on the subject test will strengthen your application.
    6. 6. What is the minimum GRE score necessary for admission?

      There is no "minimum" score.  GRE scores from all applicants are assembled in rank order; however the GRE score is only one component of the application and other factors, in particular undergraduate performance, weigh heavily in the decision process.  For non-US applicants total GRE scores (from the general test) less than 310 (158 Quantitative) are usually not competitive and applicants are encouraged to retake the GRE prior to applying.

    7. Can I send in better GRE scores if I retake them?
      Yes, we will consider retake GRE scores.
    8. What are the minimum TOEFL requirements?
      TOEFL minimum requirements set by the University of Cincinnati are: 600 (paper-based test) or 250 (computer-based test) or 100 (internet-based test).
    9. What is the application deadline? Can I send in my application early?
      The application deadline is March 1st. Outstanding students will be granted early acceptance; therefore, since the number of openings is limited, early application is strongly encouraged.  
    10. Do I need 3 letters of reference? Can I send in more?
      Yes. We recommend letters from faculty and / or people that are familiar with your academic performance and mentors from previous research experiences. Character references are OK, but not as useful. We will accept up to 4 letters of reference.
    11. Can I directly mail my reference letters and/or transcript(s) along with my other application materials?
      No. Official transcripts are only required if you are selected for interview and you will receive instructions for submitting your transcript at that time. All letters of recommendation need to be submitted though the University of Cincinnati's Graduate School Application portal.
    12. Does my application need to be complete before it will be considered?
      Yes, we need ALL application materials before an application will be considered by the admissions committee. We will however contact you if pieces are missing (please make sure to provide us with a current email address since this is the preferred method of contacting you.)
    13. Can I send in a copy of my transcript(s), GRE scores and TOEFL scores?
      In order to expedite the review process we will accept copies of you transcript(s)/GRE scores/TOEFL, however, we must receive the official documents before you are admitted into the program.
    14. Will the Program pay for expenses related to my interview?
      Yes! If we invite you for an interview the program pays your (reasonable) interview expenses and arranges your travel and hotel accommodations.
  • Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program.
    Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program.
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    Our PhD program is embedded in one the top children’s hospitals in the United States and covers a wide range of research areas including cancer biology, cell biology, molecular biology, cardiovascular biology, developmental biology, and neuroscience. To learn more about our students and their research interests please visit our student profile pages.

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