Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Enhanced Training Opportunities (ETO)

    Learn more about our student's experience with their Enhanced Training Opportunities (ETO).

    Advanced Training Internship

    Mariana LouzaMariana Louza

    I used my Enhanced Training Opportunity (ETO) to attend to the Cell and Molecular Biology of Xenopus course in Cold Spring Harbor. The course covered major techniques for my thesis, which I had the opportunity to learn directly from the experts. It was such a great experience not only for the training but also for networking. The class was pretty small so I could interact a lot with the invited faculties, that were all well-known researchers in the Xenopus field. My ETO in Cold Spring Harbor was definitely important to establish new techniques in the lab and also to meet students and professors from the scientific community.

    Teaching Internship

    Jamie HavrilakJamie Havrilak 

    The Enhanced Training Opportunity (ETO) internship program has allowed me to spend a significant amount of time focused on teaching undergraduate students at a nearby college. In addition to having the opportunity to organize and present my own lectures and exams, I have received instant feedback from my faculty teaching mentor, which has allowed me to adjust and improve upon each lecture. Additionally, I will be able to take the feedback from both my mentor and students, along with everything that I have learned from this experience and directly apply it to the next class I teach. My career goal is to both teach and conduct research, and the teaching internship has given me the experience and confidence I need to apply for academic positions in the future.

    Biotechnology Internship

    Xuan ZhouXuan Zhou

    The major reason I did a biotechnology internship was to explore the difference between research in a pharmaceutical company compared to an academic institute. I did a two and a half month internship with the Innovation Center China (ICC) at AstraZeneca, in Shanghai in China. This internship was very beneficial and helped decide what career path I want to take. I very much appreciate the Enhanced Training Opportunities program for sponsoring this internship. I think that in the future more and more students should take advantage of this program to help them figure out their career interests.