Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

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    Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

    The Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program at Cincinnati Children’s is defined by our students. We measure success by our ability to prepare our students for successful careers in the highly competitive world of research.

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    By that standard, we’re a tremendous success. Our students and world-renowned faculty integrate basic research in model organisms with translational research into disorders and diseases in children. All students complete graduate courses in developmental biology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and cell biology. Since our program is based at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, students pursue their PhD degree while experiencing the best of two worlds: a nationally recognized medical center at the University of Cincinnati with one of the nation's leading children's hospitals. This interdisciplinary program offers a wide range of research opportunities, aimed at understanding and curing human diseases.

    Our faculty are on the forefront of molecular medicine, immunology, gene therapy, neuroscience, and cardiovascular research. Learn more about our program and how our PhD students play a key role in our cutting-edge research.

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    Jeffrey Whitsett

    Jeffrey A. Whitsett MD/PhD Training Fellowship

    One fellowship position is available per year to support training in the dual MD/PhD program
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  • Meet our Students

    Meet our students.

    Meet our current students and learn more about their current research projects and why they chose our program.

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  • Student Benefits & Financial Aid

    1.  All tuition and fees are covered by the program!
    2.  Generous stipend with an increase after you pass your qualifier!
    3.  Student Health Insurance is included!
    4. Up to $400 in moving expenses*!
    *moving expenses only covered when moving from outside of the Greater Cincinnati area.