Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Visual Systems

    Research in this area is designed to bring basic research to Pediatric Ophthalmology and foster research collaborations with the clinical faculty.

    Researchers investigate the formation of different components and processes of the eye including the retina, lens, vasculature and color vision, with the goal of providing insight into the mechanism of ocular diseases. To facilitate these aims visual system researchers use a variety of model organisms including Drosophila, frog, chick and mouse.


    Zubair M. Ahmed, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Identification and functional analysis of genes essential for normal visual and auditory perceptions in humans [Visit the Ahmed Lab]

    Tiffany Cook, PhD, Associate Professor
    Molecular basis of eye development [Visit the Cook Lab]

    Fumika Hamada, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Circadian rhythm and temperature sensation. [Visit the Hamada Lab]

    Rashmi Hegde, PhD, Professor
    Structural biology of proteins in embryonic cell fate determination, and proteins involved in the life- and infection-cycles of the cancer-associated papillomaviruses [Visit the Hegde Lab]

    Richard Lang, PhD, Professor
    Eye development with an emphasis on lens induction and vascular patterning [Visit the Lang Lab]

    Saima Riazuddin, PhD, Assistant Professor
    Genetic and molecular basis of recessively inherited hearing impairment utilizing human subjects and mutant mouse models. [Visit the Riazuddin Lab]

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  • Eye Diseases

    Visual Systems.
    • Anophthalmia & glaucoma
    • Birth defects
    • Cancer
    • Developmental disorders
    • Eye diseases
    • Optic nerve aplasia/hypoplasia
    • Viral diseases
    • Leber congenital amaurosis
    • Retinal degenerative diseases
    • Retinitis pigmentosa
    • Cone-Rod degeneration

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