Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Sneha Sitaraman

    Sneha SitaramanUndergraduate Institution:  VIT University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

    While pursuing my Master’s degree in India, I got an insight into the challenges faced by Medical Sciences. I realized that there is a tremendous need for clinical and translational research, to question those challenges, further our knowledge about various human disorders plaguing the society and to find a viable solution for them. That is when I decided to further my graduate education and pursue a doctoral program that emphasized on Translational Science. As I searched for such a program, I was soon inundated with a crowd of options. Despite my fairly amateurish survey, it was clear to me that the Molecular and Developmental Biology graduate program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center stood well above the rest. The research is highly advanced and wide ranging. There are several collaborations within as well as outside the institute. I had no doubt in my mind, when I chose this program that I stood to benefit and I would get to learn heaps!

    The MDB admissions team is fantastic. By and large, being an international applicant is tough. We don’t physically visit the place, see the labs and meet the team. But my application process, interview through Skype and my transition to Cincinnati was very smooth. I had effective communication with the program coordinator from the first day of my application process. All my questions and doubts were answered swiftly and thoroughly. There wasn’t a single day that I was stumped or left to wonder about the status of my application.

    When I joined the program, I was inspired by the energy and passion of the faculty. They are genuinely open and warm people, who want to see the students succeed. They are willing to give the students the opportunity to explore the diverse research environment that is prevalent here, before the students decide on their niche. The working environment is highly conducive to high quality research. This is a close knit and nurturing research environment where students can grow as independent researchers and contribute to developments in Science and Medicine. Being a program based in a hospital, we get the opportunity to see our research being put to use and in effect see the ‘bench to bedside’ in the flesh.

    Joining the MDB program has been a dream come true for me. As a graduate student, I couldn’t have asked for a better program! Every single day I feel motivated to work and learn. It has an incredible team and an exquisite research environment. It is also a very well-funded program! What more do I need? I am very thrilled to be a part of such an extraordinary team and eager to contribute to the Cincinnati Children’s endeavor to ‘change the outcome!’