Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Brian Telek

    Brian TelekUndergraduate Institution: University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

    Research Interests: Neuronal and lung development and molecular regulation that control each. I am very interested in not only understanding the molecular regulation of each, but using this knowledge to create better outcomes for children. The hospital and MDB program are both excellent and foster a research environment that is collaborative, intellectual, and directed towards helping the patients and their families. The Cincinnati Children’s MDB program is such a unique program. It allows students to interact and work with top faculty in the nation at a very personable level. The faculty are interested in not only helping you as a student progress and learn, but help you succeed in your career and pursue your career goals. The resources at Cincinnati Children’s are excellent and allow researchers and students to do cutting edge research and push their respective fields forward. The faculty are really interested in helping you succeed. The students are extremely nice and willing to help with presentation practice and advice that they have learned throughout their time in the program. The program creates a unique collaborative environment that wants to push research forward and help you as a student become a top researcher.