Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Andrew DiStasio

    Andrew DiStasioUndergraduate Institution: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Having worked part time at CCHMC while completing my undergraduate degree at UC, remaining here for my graduate studies was a no-brainer. Rather than forcing me to take time away from my coursework, being in the lab seemed to bring science to life. Constantly surrounded by researchers who were passionate about their work, I found myself enthralled by subjects I hadn't even considered before, and amazed at the number of biological questions that still remain to be answered.

    While the road to a completed PhD can be daunting, I am entirely confident that the dynamic, collaborative atmosphere of Children's Hospital will allow me to live up to my full potential. No matter how cutting-edge an experiment is required to answer your question, the odds are pretty good that an expert can found somewhere in the building. Further, the close ties between basic science and clinical care at CCHMC keep researchers from feeling disconnected.

    Although I have not yet chosen a specific subject on which to focus, I know that my first year of rotations will allow me to explore a variety of different subjects and meet many investigators. When I do land on a project, I know it will be one that I can passionately pursue for years to come.