Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Ben Hogan

    Ben HoganUndergraduate Institution: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana

    When I was an undergraduate, I started off studying biomedical engineering because I wanted to be able to apply science and create devices that would help people. Well I applied some science and realized that there were too many things I didn’t understand, like why certain implants behave a certain way they do in the body or why certain extracellular matrices degrade at a certain rate. I decided that I should study biology as well for the purpose of first understanding something, then developing it knowing that the device would work rather than just hoping that it would work.

    Because of what I wanted to do, I was drawn to the Molecular and Developmental Biology program because not only do they use the cutting edge equipment to study fundamental questions in biology, but they also are attached to the hospital, allowing for the potential application of your research to improve the lives of people with ailments. Since biology and all of its fancy systems are all connected, it is nice to know that the faculties have an open door policy and all communicate with each other. I felt that the program had a very open and friendly environment from the first day of interviewing. They had graduate students available for us to question without any of the program directors around. But even the interview with twelve faculty members was relatively relaxing and friendly…but best of all efficient and engineers love efficiency.