Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Abi Kasberg

    Abi Kasberg.Undergraduate institution: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

    When considering graduate programs, it was important to me to find a program that offered diverse areas of research. The Molecular and Developmental Biology (MDB) graduate program at the University of Cincinnati (UC) provides a wide spectrum of research interests available to every student. For example, there are labs that specialize in stem cell research, cancer progression, neuroscience, and basic organ development, among others. I was impressed with the MDB program when I was told that graduate students are highly encouraged to explore all research fields of interest during rotations prior to settling into a single lab. More importantly, the MDB graduate program works in collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to enhance the transition of basic research into clinical relevance. The research scientists and graduate students work closely with clinicians to biologically understand and ultimately develop cures for the diseases that impact local and global communities.

    In addition to cutting edge research, Cincinnati is socially, a great place to live! The city of Cincinnati offers a diverse range of restaurants, cultures, arts, and sporting events. The UC campus is a beautiful, safe, and compact campus placed in an attractive urban setting. In the MDB program, we have a close-knit graduate student community, which allows us to both work and play together. Overall, the MDB Graduate program at UC is the perfect place to flourish scientific interests and to train the intellectual mind while exploring a magnificent city!