Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Amrita Mandal

    Amrita Mandal.Undergraduate Institution: University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India 

    Being an international student it was a tough decision for me to choose the right graduate program. Before coming here the interactions with the program coordinator & the faculty members made my decision easier; they were so supportive & ready to answer all my queries. The day I came here I instantly felt the warmth of the people here & knew my decision was right.

    Though I am just doing my second lab rotation here still I am really impressed by the state of the art facility & the quality of science being done here. Faculty members are really cordial & approachable. They are committed to produce groundbreaking research. Professors here are truly involved with the graduate students. Program coordinator, faculty members, and graduate students everyone is very much helpful here. You can approach them any time with any question. They are always there to guide you. We also have Friday happy hour each week where you get to talk with the members of our program in a rather informal way. The interaction among labs, among faculty and among students really fosters a sense of community in the department. Exchange of ideas has always been key to great scientific discoveries & in MDB program we have common lab meeting each week between labs doing research on common organs or diseases, which I think is a great platform to get feedback on what you are doing.

    I was always interested in doing basic science research with clinical relevance. MDB program is the best place to do so. MDB graduate program works in collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to enhance the transition of basic research into clinical relevance. Its cutting edge, interdisciplinary and collaborative research gives the proper intellectual independency of a budding mind. The program’s affiliation with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center provides students with the opportunity to combine basic science discoveries with clinical applications. One of the biggest strengths of this program is that it provides a wide spectrum of research interests, which allows us to explore a variety of research fields & eventually find where one’s interest lies. For example, there are labs that specialize in stem cell research, cardiovascular biology, cancer biology, neuroscience, gene therapy, hematopoietic system and immunology among others.

    It can be very tough to make a proper decision about the research topic you want to work on. But our program makes this easier by giving you the opportunity to do several lab rotations. Also to decide in which lab you want to rotate we have faculty seminar series.

    Cincinnati is a great place to be. It is very accommodating to graduate students. It’s a classic river city with bustling metropolis while maintaining a friendly, small town atmosphere, which is a unique balance I think.

    In essence the ambience of MDB program is extremely cordial, which makes me feel at home, away from home. The combination of world class research professors, small class size and high quality of research done here inspires you to be immersed in a world of science. I am glad to be here. I would strongly encourage all applicants to rank MDB program at the top of their list.