Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Stephen Riffle

    Stephen RiffleUndergraduate Institution:  University of California, Santa Barbara, California

    I came to Cincinnati from California where I lived the majority of my life. There I attended UC Santa Barbara and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Pharmacology. While at UCSB I was able to get two years of research experience under my belt. Working under Dr. Les Wilson and MaryAnn Jordan I learned what it truly meant to do lab work and just how important it is to have an open yet determined mind set in order to succeed. I soon discovered that research was my passion; there is a special feeling that overcomes the mind when you are looking at data that no one else in the world has ever seen.

    My long term goals soon developed around a life of research. Specifically I am interested in cancer as a disease of focus. This is a chimerical beast however because it is always changing and can come in many forms. I recognized therefore, that one must be multidimensional in thinking in order to take on such a disease. It was at this point that Cincinnati Childrens hospital came to my attention.

    The MDB program seemed to be the perfect place to develop myself as a researcher. Ultimately I want to be a professor/principle investigator working towards development of novel therapeutics. In order to do this I recognized that I will need a thorough understanding of many developmental pathways, both normal and pathological. The Molecular and Developmental Biology program here at the University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is the perfect place for me to grow in this fashion. The faculty here are some of the top minds in the world, and they work with us students to help foster an environment centered on productive research amidst constant learning opportunities. Here Developmental biology, Pharmacology, Cancer Biology and many others meld together. I really do feel that while I do not come from a developmental biology background, this is the perfect place for me to push my boundaries as a scientist, to learn new techniques and to experience new perspectives.

    So here’s to a future of exciting new turns as we pursue answers to endless puzzles!