Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Juli Uhl

    Juli Uhl.Undergraduate Institution:  Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

    After completion of a master’s degree at Iowa State University, I was ready to continue my education by studying for a PhD.  During my search for graduate schools, I was advised by a professor at Iowa State to consider Cincinnati Children’s.  After looking at a number of programs, I chose Children’s for graduate school primarily because of the wide variety of research topics studied in the many labs.  After three years, I find that the department is very supportive; it is easy to find someone to help with a new procedure or offer to share reagents.

    Cincinnati is a great place to live; it has plenty to offer in terms of entertainment, dining, etc. while maintaining a small-town feel.  I have found the people here to be very welcoming and kind.  Overall, the combination of a great research program and a great city has made me certain that I made the right decision in choosing Children’s.


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