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    A PhD is just the beginning

    In addition to becoming a recognized authority in your specific field of research, graduate education lets you acquire many sophisticated skills such as hypothesis generation, problem solving, project management, time management, integration of diverse information, as well as mastering written and oral communication. These are transferable competencies that prepare you for a diverse set of careers.

    Graduates of the MDB PhD Program have established successful careers in a wide variety of fields. While those aspiring towards careers in academic research typically find post-doctoral fellowships in prestigious laboratories around the world, others have gone on to other careers in industry, scientific writing, clinical medicine, teaching, and administration.

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    TJ Plageman

    Curtis Grace

    Tony Stefater

    Chun Han

    TJ Plageman. Curtis Grant. Tony Stefater. Chun Han.
  • Name

    Year Graduated


    Current Position

    William Au


    Shirley Soukup

    Associate Dean, Shantou University Medical College, China

    Thomas Kunkel


    Ralph Meyer

    Principle Investigator, National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences

    Thomas Koerner


    Ralph Meyer

    Director of Research Information Management, American Cancer Society

    Donna King


    Jerry Lingrel

    Director of Regional Medical and Research Specialsts, Pfizer, Inc.

    Melanie Bruno


    Roger Ganschow

    Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs & Quality, Kendle International Inc.

    Stephen Small


    Richard Akeson

    Chair & Professor of Biology, New York University

    John McNeish


    Steve Potter

    Executive Director of Regenerative Medicine, Pfizer, Inc.

    Satbir Kaur


    Steve Potter

    Global Alliance Director, Hoffmann-La Roche

    Karen Acuff-Smith


    Charles Vorhees

    Scientist, Procter & Gamble

    Robert Bohinski


    Jeff Whitsett

    Neurosurgeon, Mayfield Clinic

    Mary Beth Thomas


    Dan Wiginton

    Vice President for Centers for Innovation Program, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

    Claudia Henemyre-Harris


    Edith Markoff

    Major in the Medical Service Corps, US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense

    LaRonda Morford


    Charles Vorhees

    Research Advisor, Lilly Research Laboratories, Eli Lilly & Company

    Thomas Reed


    Muthu Periasamy

    Founder & Chief Science Officer, Intrexon Inc.

    Peng Jin


    Greg Grabowski

    Assistant Professor of Human Genetics, Emory University

    Juliana Johnson


    Tim Weaver

    Staff Scientist in the Translational Research Institute, Scripps Florida

    Brenna Carey


    Jeff Whitsett

    Project Manager, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    Paul Reynolds


    Jeff Whitsett

    Assistant Professor of Physiology & Developmental Biology, Brigham Young University

    Shawna Hottinger


    Jeff Robbins

    Scientific Writer, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    Curtis Grace


    Charles Vorhees

    Study Director in Developmental and Reproductive Biology, Covance

    Monique Morrison


    Susa Wells

    Postdoctoral Fellow in the Stewart Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah

    Bo Zhou


    Xinhua Lin

    Postdoctoral Researcher of Cell & Developmental Biology, University of California, San Diego

    Nikki Glenn


    Saulius Sumanas

    Postdoctoral Fellow, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

  • Career Exploration

    Take the time to enumerate your particular strengths and interests and then explore the many career options available to you.

    Suggested reading:

    - What color is your parachute by Richard N. Bolles
    - Alternative careers in science by Cynthia Robbins-Roth
    - Guide to non-traditional careers in science by Karen Y. Kreeger
    - Put your science to work: the take-charge career guide for scientists by Peter S Fiske
    - Winning the games scientists play by Carl Sinderman
    - The Chronicle of Higher education
    - From bench to bar: careers in patent law for molecular biologists by Nathan A. Machin

    Online Resources:

    - Science Careers from the journal Science
    - My Individual Development Plan (IDP) by Science Careers

    Resources available to you at Cincinnati Children’s and UC

    - Career options for Biomedical Sciences (Call number 210274)
    - Introduction to Entrepreneurial Science (IMM 8091 ADV Topics II section 002)
    - Annual Science Careers Workshop at Cincinnati Children's.