Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

  • Amrita Mandal

    Amrita Mandal.Hometown: Tarakeswar, West Bengal, India
    Undergraduate Institution: University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India


    1. Characterization of novel transgenic retinoic acid (RA) sensor zebrafish line.

    2: Deciphering the underlying molecular and genetic networks by which the novel zebrafish mutant sea squirt (sqi) suppresses enlarged heart of retinoic acid deficient embryos.

    3. Study the role of dapper antagonist of β-catenin (Dact) proteins during cardiovascular development in zebrafish.


    Mandal A, Rydeen A, Anderson J, Sorrell MR, Zygmunt T, Torres-Vázquez
    J, Waxman JS. Transgenic retinoic acid sensor lines in zebrafish indicate
    regions of available embryonic retinoic acid
    . Developmental Dynamics. 2013

    D'Aniello E, Rydeen AB, Anderson JL, Mandal A, Waxman JS. Depletion
    of retinoic acid receptors initiates a novel positive feedback mechanism
    that promotes teratogenic increases in retinoic acid
    . PLoS Genetics.

    Roy P, Bhattacharya G, Mandal A, Dasgupta UB, Banerjee D, Chandra S,
    Das M, (2012): Influence of BCL11A, HBS1L-MYB, HBBP1 single nucleotide
    polymorphisms and the HBG2 XmnI polymorphism On Hb F levels
    . Hemoglobin.


    Awarded Student Travel Award from the Society for Developmental Biology to present at the SDB 73rd Annual Meeting, 2014.

    MDB-Program activity

    I am currently serving as the seminar coordinator for the 2014-2015 academic year along with a fellow student, Sneha Sitaraman.