• Applying

    Prospective applicants initiate the process by first reading the Statement on Clinical and Translational Research and submitting an Eligibility Form to the Program Administrator. Both documents are available for download. The Program Administrator will determine eligibility according to the Eligibility Criteria and then send out the application form with instructions.

    Important Considerations

    The PSDP’s mission is to train pediatricians as scientists. Therefore, PSDP Fellows agree to have no clinical responsibilities or patient care in Years One and Two of PSDP training. The Fellow’s sponsoring department chair and clinical fellowship program director must also agree to this stipulation.

    In keeping with the PSDP’s growing emphasis on patient-oriented or translational research, applicants who propose projects that require patient contact (not patient care) will have the opportunity to request patient contact time as part of the initial PSDP application. 

      • Physicians who are in residency programs will apply to the PSDP by March 15 of the PGY-3 year. Therefore, candidates who are fast-tracking in pediatrics should submit an Eligibility Form in the autumn of the PGY-2 year.
      • Physicians in subspecialty programs (such as cardiology, critical care, emergency medicine, and neonatology)may be extending their clinical requirements to 18-24 months. Thus, some applicants in those disciplines will not be able to complete their clinical requirements in the 12 months prior to entering the PSDP. Candidates whose disciplines require 13-24 months of clinical responsibilities and patient care may apply to the PSDP by February 1 of their first fellowship year. The section chief and department chair of the sponsoring department must guarantee in writing that those 17 months will be used to complete clinical requirements or other departmental responsibilities prior to the start of PSDP-supported research.

    All PSDP Fellows are expected to begin their protected research time on July 1, 16 months after submission of the application.