• Toy and Gift Safety Guidelines

    Thank you for your interest in donating gifts for the patients of Cincinnati Children’s. Because Cincinnati Children’s is committed to the health and safety of our patients, the following guidelines have been established for gift donations.

    • All donations must be new and in original packaging.  Must have the manufacturer and store tags still attached. For the safety and welfare of our patients, we cannot accept any used items.
    • Items should be age-appropriate.  The majority of our patients range in age from infants to young adults.
    • Stuffed toys / items, including Beanie Babies, cannot be accepted.
    • Avoid toys with many small parts that can be removed, swallowed or inhaled.  Also, avoid toys that break easily or have sharp edges.
    • Toys that are electrical, spark-producing or friction-producing will not be accepted.
    • All items must be non-toxic.  This also includes painted toys.  This information must be available on a tag or on the item’s packaging. In addition, any glue or paint in craft kits must be non-toxic.
    • All items must be latex-free. Latex balloons and balloon animals are not permitted in the medical center.
    • Handmade items, including greeting cards and fleece blankets, cannot be accepted.
    • Sports / trading cards are only accepted if they are unopened and in the original packaging.
    • Avoid toys that represent violent themes, including guns, swords and other weapons.  This also includes items that may represent or allude to sex or inappropriate language. 
    • Due to varying dietary restrictions, food and candy cannot be given to patients.
    • All items need to be neutral in terms of religion and politics.
    • We are unable to accept stickers or crafts containing stickers without prior approval from Child Life and Integrative Care.
    • Items are not to be gift wrapped. 

    If you have any questions about the items we are able to accept, contact  Anna Kuertz at anna.kuertz@cchcm.org or 513-636-8760.

  • Frequently Asked Questions for Gift Donations

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    Thank you for thinking of Cincinnati Children’s! You may contact Anna Kuertz at anna.kuertz@cchcm.org or 513-636-8760 to discuss your donation and make arrangements to drop off your gift.
    Items are needed throughout the year for children from infancy through age 18. Please see our wish list for additional information.

    Due to privacy regulations and health concerns of our patients, a staff member will need to accept your donation on behalf of the medical center. We will ensure it is properly delivered. 

    Yes. View a list of items here. When you purchase online from this site, your order will be delivered to Cincinnati Children’s free of charge.

    Yes. If there is a specific area of the medical center you would like to support, let us know so that we can make the proper arrangements for your gift.

    When you are ready to make your gift, please fill out this form, including the estimated or actual value of the donation and bring it with your donation. We request that you complete the form so we can properly thank you and provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the Cincinnati Children’s logo. Event materials should state that “Proceeds benefit Cincinnati Children’s.”

    Contact Anna Kuertz at anna.kuertz@cchcm.org at 513-636-8760 to arrange a meeting date / time at the medical center Monday through Friday from 9:30 am-4:30 pm. Once you have set up your appointment, you will receive directions and a confirmation of your meeting time. If you are unable to meet and would like to drop off your items, you may do so at the Location B Welcome Desk at the main entrance to the hospital.

    Directions to the Location B Welcome Desk
    Enter the main driveway at 3333 Burnet Ave. and continue toward the circular driveway. Park in any available space and enter the medical center through Location B. The Welcome Desk is located right inside these doors. 

    Contact Anna Kuertz at anna.kuertz@cchcm.org or 513-636-8760 at least one week in advance to make arrangements for your donation delivery. Space at the Location B Welcome Desk is limited so we ask that you do not drop off large donations in this area.

    If you have made arrangements to drop off your gift and meet a Cincinnati Children’s staff member, we will meet you at the medical center. We can help you unload your gifts, if necessary, and then talk with you about how they help the children and families we serve. If you’d like, we will take a photo of you with your gift to include in our Facebook thank-you album. If you have any questions about the medical center, we will be happy to answer those as well.