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Gratitude Leads to a Generous Gift

Ruth Shuetts didn’t have kids of her own but she loved them, particularly her nieces and nephews.

Harry is one of those nephews. And he credits Ruth for changing the course of his life by introducing his family to Cincinnati Children’s.

“As a child, I suffered severely from gastrointestinal issues. My doctors dealt with it unsuccessfully for years,” Harry recalls.

Harry had ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease. Doctors in his childhood hometown of Indianapolis said his only option was to have a permanent ostomy, which would mean living his life with a bag attached to his abdomen to collect his body waste.

“Then Aunt Ruth told us about Cincinnati Children’s,” Harry says. “She had read an article about a new surgical technique pioneered by Lester Martin, MD.”

Harry had the procedure and spent three months in the hospital. “Thanks to Dr. Martin, I have no permanent impairment,” Harry says. “It was a new verse in my life, and we left with a real sense of gratitude towards Cincinnati Children’s.”

Ruth was also grateful. And that gratitude motivated her to leave a substantial estate gift to the medical center in her will. Ruth passed away in March 2007, but her generosity and desire to help children like Harry lives on through her legacy gift.

“I was a really sick child,” Harry says. “Because of the care I received at Cincinnati Children’s, I was transformed. Ruth saw that and thought, ‘What better to do with my money?’”

Ruth’s generosity will make a lasting impact on future generations of children, including Harry’s daughter. Just last year, Harry brought Pearl, 15, to Cincinnati Children’s for care. She also has gastrointestinal issues and the doctors in their Maryland town weren’t able to help. “We ran into a brick wall – no progress and conflicting advice,” Harry says.

William F. Balistreri, MD, medical director of the Cincinnati Children’s Pediatric Liver Care Center and one of the world’s foremost authorities on pediatric gastroenterology and liver disease, “diagnosed Pearl’s condition by just looking at her records,” Harry says. “Pearl is cared for by a team of physicians, including Drs. Ajay Kaul, David Klein and Jonathan Howell. Thanks to the first-class medical expertise and outstanding bedside manner of each of these doctors, Pearl has made remarkable strides toward recovery in a short time. Once again, I owe Cincinnati Children’s a great debt of gratitude.”

You can make an impact in the life of a sick child simply by making a gift to Cincinnati Children’s.

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