The Rosevears' Legacy of Health

Creating Your Legacy

Nutrition has been a life-long passion for Ruth Rosevear, and her healthy diet is paying off for the still-active 97-year-old. She credits her diet and personal trainer as the reasons she can still travel internationally.

Ruth’s interest in nutrition began back when University Hospital was still General Hospital. Ruth conducted research, interviewing pregnant women about their diets. After they gave birth, she would chart the effect the mothers’ diet had on their babies.

“We could see the outcome based on the nutrition of the mother,” Ruth says.

Women who stuck to a more healthful diet gave birth to larger, healthier babies. This knowledge put Ruth on a life-long track to educate children and families throughout Cincinnati on the value of good nutrition.

Ruth would visit local schools and health fairs and show evidence of the results of good nutrition versus poor nutrition. She became a published author and conducted research on nutrition in countries around the world.

But that is not all Ruth has done to help improve the health and lives of children. While her husband, Fran, was still living, the couple gave a large gift to the lactation fund at Cincinnati Children’s. That gift helped supply the Newborn Intensive Care Unit with breast pumps for new mothers and special freezers to store donated breast milk.

Although Fran passed away in 2010, the Rosevears’ legacy of health will continue. The couple made arrangements through a special trust to support Cincinnati Children’s upon their death. During their lives, the trust makes regular payments for living expenses. When Fran passed away, his part of the trust made a generous gift to Cincinnati Children’s. Ruth continues to receive income from the trust and has designated the hospital as a remainder beneficiary of her share of the trust as well.

“Ruth and Fran are some of the most generous people I have ever met,” says Margaret Champion, the couple’s financial advisor. “Their gifts will truly impact children and babies in our community and help them have a healthier start in life. That’s one of the best gifts anyone can receive.” 

You can make an impact in the life of a sick child simply by making a gift to Cincinnati Children’s.  

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