• Motion Analysis Lab Uses the Same Technology as Animated Film Makers

    Cincinnati Children’s is now home to the region’s only pediatric Motion Analysis Lab, thanks to Ohio National Financial Services. As part of the Center for Advanced Technology at Cincinnati Children’s, the lab offers cutting-edge technology to better evaluate and treat orthopaedic and mobility issues. How it works:

    Reflective markers. Cameras track markers. Movement details. Animated model.
    > To catch a glimpse of the inner workings of the legs, pelvis and feet, patients are fit with reflective markers, which are painless and stick on the skin with tape. > When the patient walks, cameras around the lab track the markers while plates on the ground tell the computer where and how the foot distributes weight with each stride. > The information is sent back to a computer that captures minute details of movement.> The result is an animated model of how the patient walks. This same kind of technology is used to make animated films. 
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