• Operational Support

    Additional volunteer opportunities include helping with wayfinding in the Welcome Center, creating items in the sewing room and assisting specialty departments.

  • The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center continues to grow and change to best meet the needs of our patients and families. Navigating a large and unfamiliar campus can be challenging under the best of circumstances, and it is especially difficult for families who are dealing with a sick or injured child. 

    We welcome help with:

    • Escorting families to their appointments
    • Helping friends and families locate patients
    • Providing general directions to our many visitors

    We are looking for volunteers who are:

    • Outgoing
    • Flexible
    • People-oriented
    • Able to travel the main concourse of our hospital comfortably

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is one of the few hospitals that have a sewing room on site. It is staffed with volunteers who enjoy helping children and love to sew. The volunteers produce quilts to dress the patient beds to make it feel more like home. They also make shorts, shirts and dresses as an alternative to hospital gowns. Many other items are made to suit individual needs of the children such as insulin pump covers, ostomy bag covers, and tote bags for medical equipment. Teaching tools like medical play dolls and ostomy dolls are also made to help a child understand his/her experience in the hospital.  

    We have over 30 volunteers that work in the sewing room and more than 150 volunteers that sew in their home or in church groups.

    Volunteer Requirements

    • One day per week
    • Knowledge of sewing machine
    • Including threading and winding bobbins

    Sewing Room volunteer hours are Monday through Thursday 9 am-2 pm.

    Cincinnati Children’s welcomes volunteers for specialty departments, such as occupational and physical therapy. Students studying these fields would find volunteering to be an enriching and educational experience.

    Cincinnati Children’s is committed to improving the waiting room experience for patients and families who are here for appointments.  We are looking for outgoing, enthusiastic volunteers to “bring the fun” to patients as they wait to be seen in the numerous outpatient clinics throughout the hospital. 

    If you and a friend are interested in volunteering together and are available for daytime shifts during the week, please consider teaming up to reduce stress and increase smiles in our busy clinics. 

    Simply write “volunteer with a friend” on the top of both of your applications, followed by your friend’s name.